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  1. Adrian

    How to research firms AND their reputations?

    I sometimes wonder whether being successful through the OCI process wasn't really a curse. I think I could've avoided some amount of headache for myself if I was forced to find something outside of that process.
  2. Adrian

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    That seems to make sense to me based on my personal experience.
  3. Adrian

    Ask a 1L!

    6000 words or characters? 6000 words seems like a lot.
  4. Adrian

    Ask a 1L!

    I went to Ottawa every other weekend to visit my partner in first year. I could get all my weekly reading done on the bus/train rides to and from. Did very little, actually probably no work, during the weekend.
  5. Adrian

    Career Services Megathread poll!

    I will definitely be contributing answers to this thread when it comes out.
  6. If you are a person who wants a tattoo you'll likely find some other way to piss off the dinosaurs and prudes anyways.
  7. Adrian

    Union vs. Management-Side; What's the Difference?

    Eh. I don't even really believe that.
  8. Adrian

    Union vs. Management-Side; What's the Difference?

    I was using 3903 to be extreme. The point is that I think unions are best served by temperate ideas from counsel and the best union counsel probably understand that. Also to the comment that modern unions aren't businesses, that's just a laugh.
  9. Adrian

    Union vs. Management-Side; What's the Difference?

    I think it's better if your lawyer could temper your worst instincts as a client. I'm sure CUPE 3903 could use some firm direction away from their "socio-political movement" ideas and tactics. Same with the management side.
  10. Adrian

    Union vs. Management-Side; What's the Difference?

    I'm not surprised by that at all.
  11. Adrian

    Deciding a direction in law

    Anecdotal, but I had no idea what area of law I wanted to do when I started. I decided to focus on labour and employment while in law school (after doing a bit of employment law in first year contracts).
  12. Adrian

    Screwups and Faceplants

  13. Adrian

    Union vs. Management-Side; What's the Difference?

    I worked at a management side firm. There is no reason not to take employment and labour courses even if it is not an absolute deal breaker. If you want to work in the area it make sense to get the foundational knowledge in school rather than learning on the go. As to the firms themselves, I can't really compare them, since I only worked in one. I think things like atmosphere are driven less by the fact that the firm is a management side or union side and more by the personalities in the firms themselves. I would say that you need to be committed to the cause of organized labour if you want to work on the union side, and you need to be able to demonstrate that commitment. The work itself would be largely similar and advocacy based. A caveat, is that as a management side you'll do things like policy reviews and advising on corporate transactions in a way that I imagine you wouldn't do as a union side lawyer.
  14. Adrian

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I am not saying it's a moral victory rather than its confirmation that I am not a complete dunce.
  15. Adrian

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I don't want to debate the result, since that happened a lot, I just want to say that I feel vindicated that at least two justices saw things the way I saw them since I know it wasn't the popular viewpoint.