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  1. I should specify that I'm talking about Calgary (and probably Vancouver). Toronto is famously more stuffy 😉
  2. I'd actually deviate from the advice about keeping your attire super conservative. Would you be comfortable working somewhere where the default is a black skirtsuit with pantyhose? If so, sure dress quite conservatively for your interviews. But if it would feel like torture for you to have to be super conservative in your attire, then go with the tweed dress for interviews. Yes, some firms may think it's too casual for an interview but you don't want to work there anyway if you don't want to have to dress super conservatively! If you're not uncomfortable dressing very conservatively then I agree that wearing a conservative interview outfit like a navy pantsuit will work for a wide range of employers. I think for the most part most employers are not that focused on what you're wearing unless you're wayyy off base (e.g. jeans or a tuxedo).
  3. Most firms will ask for updated transcripts. If you do a good job as a summer student (have a good attitude, work hard, do good work) I don't think many firms will care much about your grades.
  4. I think this piece is one students don't always appreciate. Law is a client service business. When your clients have options about who they go to for legal services, you have to meet their demands if you want to keep their business. That's what's driving a lot of the late-night and urgent requests. No matter how great your firm is and no matter how good the partners are at managing and delegating, this client service piece is always going to be there. There is always room for improvement and there are definitely things many firms can work on, but there are limits to what changes you can make when clients consistently expect top quality work on tight turnarounds.
  5. I think the best law exam writers spend a good chunk of their allotted time outlining their answers before typing anything on the page. It's easy to panic and think you won't have enough time to write but outlining helps you make sure you're catching everything and focusing your attention on the most important points.
  6. Cover letters should be one page, and you shouldn't be doing any funny business with the margins or font size to squeeze it on to that one page. Put your thesaurus away and be clear and concise.
  7. I wouldn't assume this. While some firms may seek feedback from people you did meetings with before recruitment, unless you were completely unhireable (e.g. used a racial slur) it is unlikely that this was the difference-maker. For many firms, meetings before the application deadline are mostly set up so you can learn more about them and not really used for evaluating you aside from identifying any glaring red flags.
  8. Many, maybe most, were sent out today but some firms may still send out some more throughout the week.
  9. Im sorry you're going through this OP, and let me add my voice to the chorus telling you this isn't your fault. In addition to the practice advisor, if you need some grief counseling or mental health support please reach out. I know many provinces have some lawyer-specific supports, in Alberta it's called Assist: https://lawyersassist.ca/.
  10. A legal recruiter could help with your resume if you go that route. I know this may be awkward to bring up at your current firm, but if you've got a good mentorship relationship with someone consider talking about your feelings with them. If it really is not about the firm and is just about wanting to leave private practice, many firms would be happy to help you find something with a client because then they know you will send them work!
  11. Many 2L candidates don't have a law-related position for their 1L summer. Don't work yourself into a panic over this.
  12. When firms open your documents in the portal they are all in one package so it doesn't matter whether you upload them separately on the portal or not as far as I can tell.
  13. Do not include a picture with your resume. Your school's career office will have lots of information on tips for cover letters and resumes.
  14. Juniors don't usually buy gifts for partners (unless part of a gift exchange or something). If you're going to buy for anyone, get one for your assistant.
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