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  1. iheartbooks

    Best way to find old statutes?

    It's not cheating, it's being efficient. Besides, I bet the people who created those revision tables wouldn't want all their hard work to go to waste.
  2. iheartbooks

    1Ls! How has your first two weeks gone so far?

    Hogg is definitely the book if you need assistance in Constitution. It's the only recommended text I bought and I often cited it in upper year papers. Even the SCC cites Hogg.
  3. iheartbooks

    Admissions Question: College after undergrad

    I think you have to submit all post-secondary transcripts. I'm not sure if they will count the courses as part of your GPA.
  4. iheartbooks

    Most Efficient Way to Read and Summarize

    The most effective strategy for me was to use my course syllabus to guide my reading. Whatever heading the case fell under on the syllabus usually told me generally why I was reading it. Then I'd brief the case as I went. I'd being my briefs to class and correct them based on the professor's discussion of the case. I didn't make notes on any readings other than cases, that's what my class notes were for. Don't owrry too much about your speed now, you'll get faster as you go along.
  5. iheartbooks

    Questions about being a U of C law student

    You'll need to use your UofC address if you do electronic exams. I also used mine for communication with law firms during the hiring periods because my personal email address is a little silly I also never logged into the webmail, I set it up on Thunderbird on my laptop.
  6. iheartbooks

    help with jury pre trial

    Seems legit.
  7. iheartbooks

    1L - Clubs and ECs

    OP just do what you like to do or find interesting. You'll put in a better effort. I like planning events. So I took on the Society of Law Students roles at school that let me plan events (First Year Events Rep in 1L and VP Events in 2L). I like knowing what's going on in the faculty, so I took on one of the Faculty Counsel representative positions for my class. We had a rugby team at my school and the tournament was in late September, so playing rugby was done before school got busy, so I did that too. There was never any indication that I didn't have enough law related ECs, even though none of my ECs involved me doing any legal work or research whatsoever. That was what school and summer positions were for as far as I was concerned. ECs were something I did for fun to get away from doing legal analysis all the time. Don't take on an EC just to have a law related EC on your resume. Only do it if it's something you're interested in and that you will commit to. I'd especially say avoid clinic work if you're not going to commit to it. People's rights are at stake in clinic work and it's downright irresponsible to take that burden on if you're going to shirk it when you get busy with other things. I've seen way too many people go that route when they should have just passed on the clinic work in the first place.
  8. To follow up on LCL's comments, I've heard it theorized that the ease of cutting and pasting is partly responsible for how long and jargon-y agreements can get now. They might be clearer and more straightforward if people we actually drafting clauses instead of just cut and pasting precedents.
  9. Law school Dean's List.
  10. iheartbooks

    Changing Practice Areas after Articling

    Depends on the firm. At my firm we have a mandatory rotation system so you try a variety of practice areas while articling. If you're hired back, you choose a broad area (tax, corporate, litigation, or regulatory) and have a general practice in that area for a couple years before you choose any specialties or anything like that (e.g. bankruptcy, employment etc). However I know of other firms where people had to choose a practice area before articling even started. I don't know how flexible they are after that.
  11. iheartbooks

    I think I have a little man crush on Uriel

    You aren't the first and you won't be the last
  12. iheartbooks


    I always wear them. But that's because I don't like how my legs look when they're bare. I would err on the side of caution and wear them, but I'm not sure if anyone can tell when you're not wearing them.
  13. iheartbooks

    What is Litigation?

    Oh I'm sure you cna find a torts case involving delicious desserts There's a torts case about everything...
  14. iheartbooks

    If one does not get a 1L summer job

    Yes Calgary 1L hiring is no longer in the fall.
  15. At UofC, in addition to the standard first year courses, Admin, CivPro, Evidence, Ethics, Advanced Research, and Business Associations must all be taken. You take Admin, Ethics, Evidence, and CivPro in 2L and you can take the other two in 2L or 3L.