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  1. I know a guy who played varsity football during 1L, made the dean's list, and did very well during OCIs.
  2. Anyone creative and desperate enough to want to to re-do law school is capable of finding a job in law.
  3. As a former astronaut, I can say this thread has made me feel over the moon.
  4. I greatly enjoyed the 2018 Louis Riel Day one. It was literally an hour and a half of the panelists complaining about why eastern Metis people aren't real Metis.
  5. Note taking was problematic and I ultimately largely relied on others' notes for my final exam. With respect to exam writing, I had only one exam where speed was remotely an issue on the final exam (securities). Nobody in the class that I spoke with finished the exam (including myself), and I ended up with an A-. So overall, I didn't find it to be a hindrance. Though who can say. Maybe I would have gotten straight A's if I used a laptop throughout law school.
  6. My office regularly represents professionals in regulatory proceedings, and that representation has always been insurer funded. (Though coverage is often shockingly low -- maybe only coverage of up to $100k for legal fees, plus there's no indemnity if the tribunal makes a cost award against the professional.) What types of regulatory investigation processes are you aware of that don't trigger coverage? edit: My experience is obviously infected by survivor bias. I don't see the claims where coverage gets denied!
  7. I think I was the only person who handwrote my exams in law school so mine was definitely not anonymous!
  8. I also typically take one day off per week. It's called Saturday!
  9. I'm struggling to imagine a scenario where you would add much value to your resume by finding a "pre-law school" legal position, unless it was in a niche practice area that you are sure you want to practice in. This is doubly difficult during COVID.
  10. I can tell you the actual amount of anxiety you're feeling right now is both normal, and completely disproportionate to how much anxiety you probably should be feeling. I would e-mail the partner Monday to see if she has time to give you a call. Tell her on the phone that you've had a great experience with the firm, but that you've accepted an opportunity elsewhere, and you anticipate your last day will be x. Then briefly discuss your thoughts on what should happen with your files/work you're currently doing. In all likelihood, you will get a response to the effect of, "Sad for us, happy for you", and there will be no hard feelings whatsoever. It may be the first time you're leaving a firm, but it won't be the first time she's dealing with someone leaving.
  11. I find it embarrassing when 20+ year calls advertise that they were the gold/silver medalist in their class.
  12. Employment is a two way street. Why are you so concerned about getting hired back when you aren't even happy with the job?
  13. Louis Pasteur has a quote: "Chance favours the prepared." Pasteur was referring to the odds that someone would have a meaningful insight. And the answer is, the odds are that you are only going to have a meaningful insight on a given topic if you understand that topic well to begin with. I don't particularly believe you can train yourself to issue spot. When you understand a topic well enough, the issues will literally jump out at you.
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