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  1. Here's a similar case with Aviva getting hammered at a superior court pretrial: https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onsc/doc/2019/2019onsc3681/2019onsc3681.html This one is arguably a bit more defensible.
  2. If the defendant offers $0, show this case to the deputy judge: https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onscdc/doc/2019/2019onsc4151/2019onsc4151.html
  3. A guy I went to high school with went to law school with me (a year behind me). We were never friends, but were cordial, and we still keep in touch occasionally. Not knowing anyone is the norm.
  4. You should probably just delete this post and open up a consulting business for new soles.
  5. Is this thread on the polar opposite of the spectrum of those who feel imposter syndrome?
  6. Both firms I have worked at interviewed ~15-20 students for 2 positions.
  7. When I applied to a job as a third year call the firm wanted to see my transcripts.
  8. Money isn't an issue, I'm just a coward :).
  9. It hurts because it's true. That is the path that I'm on. And it's both unfulfilling in the short term, and aimless in the long term.
  10. Can confirm my office is currently covered in blood from how deep this cut.
  11. I was making 30-40k less than my current salary about 18 months ago... can confirm my life is virtually identical.
  12. I didn't care for Insurance Law or Trusts. Your experience may be different.
  13. Schools like to talk about the intrinsic value of education, but for the vast majority of people, school is, and should be, a means to an end. My life in law school was incredibly care free, but life must go on.
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