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  1. Frankly shocked this hasn't happened yet at my firm. Though one partner at my office pointed out that March is historically a slow month due to March break, and that our March numbers may actually be higher than usual because nobody is going on vacation.
  2. At the end of articling there's this thing where you can become a lawyer, which often comes with financial benefits relative to your pay as an articling student. Furthermore, the purpose of the policy appears intended to be retrospective. ie: Someone starts articling in July 2019, and articles to the end of February 2020. This measure allows them to be called as a lawyer immediately, instead of having to complete their articling term.
  3. Will be sure to pass this on to my defence friends edit: I really do feel for you, and am very lucky I am not in your situation. In related news, our practice lead recently sent an e-mail asking us how much work we realistically had to do during the shutdown. Me, not wanting to be laid off, overestimated and told them I think I had at least 8 weeks worth of work. My colleague on the other hand told me he responded that he only had two weeks worth of work (which was an underestimate), on the theory that they would transfer work from the busier people to the less busy people. We apparently have two very different visions as to how our firm operates!
  4. I'm so behind I don't even expect to catch up during this shutdown...
  5. The commercial litigators in my office have way more court time than the insurance or employment people.
  6. We've all been told to work from home. I am in the office today, and i'd say more than 50% of people are following this directive.
  7. In 2013 the firm I worked at paid me $.53 mileage, regardless of what the client paid. My current firm is only $.5, and similarly tops up whatever the client does not pay. I probably got about $6k in mileage last year (tax free!), spending closer to $1,500 in gas.
  8. I am extremely overcompensated with mileage, but you are being ripped off.
  9. While I was in law school my (future) wife and I bought a house, and very surprisingly, the banks did not care about my lined up articling gig.
  10. These perks have nothing to do with being a lawyer. I have never paid a monthly fee with my bank, but this is conditional on maintaining a minimum balance in my chequing account. (I think of 5K?) I similarly use my bank's premium credit card, and have the annual fee waived. (This I believe is conditional on having a certain minimum income.) My office separately has a deal with this bank which grants us a bunch of perks, including preferred mortgage rates and lower stock trading fees.
  11. A C+ class average? That's... very odd. Assuming the average is on the transcript, that seems like a pretty easy explanation to me. In any event, demonstrated interest is far more important than any grade. I would not even bring it up unless expressly asked for an explanation.
  12. Prior to being a lawyer, I used to believe that the "best" associates stayed on as partners, and those who couldn't hack it ended up dropping out. If this is your mindset, please disabuse yourself of it. Big law partnership is not a goal to which everyone strives. Not all partners are happy. Many, many people who leave Big Law are extremely happy with their decision to do so.
  13. What does your stock matching plan look like?
  14. Because you have a trust fund?
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