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  1. My Christmas bonus for the last 3 years, as an associate at a large firm, has been less than the number in the OP. Performance bonus is a separate bonus.
  2. 1. Online sports gambling 2. Open mats. 3. Getting lost in a good podcast on a long drive
  3. My father is a lifelong chronic smoker. To this day, he smokes at least two packs a day in his own house. My children are not permitted to go inside his house. When I visit for 20 minutes, I leave with a headache. Never mind modern conveniences, the lack of second hand smoke alone makes 2019 the better year to be alive.
  4. While I would personally be thrilled if part of my job responsibilities involved tutoring algebra, I fail to see how simply doing her homework will help her learn how to do it herself. Oh, and run.
  5. 1. Factual overview. Try to keep this as simple as possible to set up the background for part 2. 2. Issues in dispute. Make sure you are precise in stating these. 3. Argument. Explain what position each side is taking. Be as generous as possible to each party's position. 4. Ruling. Say what the judge decided, and summarize the judge's reasoning. (Often I would just give a brief summary of the key quote from the ruling, and then literally embed the quote from the decision.) 5. Comment on the case. Commentary can take a lot of forms. Some examples: - Point out flaws or confusing arguments in the judge's reasoning. - Talk about how this case interacts with other leading cases in the area. - Say how the decision might be good because it clears up a certain issue. Or perhaps alternatively, why the decision might have poor precedential value because the judge decided the case on an extremely narrow point. - Is the decision good or bad from a policy perspective? Does the decision accord with the policy objectives that the law being applied is intended to have, or does it feel like it goes against those objectives? And countless more.
  6. I've never worked as a crown. Don't junior crowns have to take marching orders from higher ups? Surely this invariably involves taking matters to trial in which the junior crown does not subjectively believe in the merits of the case?
  7. I'm starting to wonder why I don't practice family law... Then again, the last time I reviewed a separation agreement, it was my while my father was showing me the separation agreement with my mother. (In fact, I think I have it in my house...) Oddly, he was explaining how it was very stupid of her to bet on him living this long --- notwithstanding the fact that he was, clearly, alive.
  8. I was audited about 2 years ago. You pick five files for them to audit, and they otherwise ask you a ton of questions about how you manage your practice. If you're an associate at a firm, you have nothing to worry about.
  9. There are many types of insurance work which range both in "scumminess" and legal complexity. Third party liability insurance, what you describe, is rarely scummy work from the defence perspective. The lawyer's job should be to treat things as if it was the actual insured's money on the line. Does this involve trying to squeeze the opposite party down as much as possible? Sure. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not. This type of situation becomes even less scummy when the plaintiff is also an insurance company! ie: Factory burns down, first party insurer pays out, then sues all the tortfeasers. In the end this is just a bunch of insurance companies battling over $'s and cents. This type of insurance work can be pretty complex, both factually and legally (and quite fun.) (There are also various other areas of law which simply involve insurance companies fighting each other -- such as loss transfer.) And then there's first party insurance, such as long term disability and life insurance. This work, in my view, is generally very scummy. In these cases, the insurer's obligation is to the plaintiff/claimant directly in contract, and they have a good faith obligation towards the plaintiff. "Squeezing" plaintiffs on these first party claims can be extremely dirty business.
  10. I had a star witness come forward, who turned out to be the other party's translator in her meetings with her lawyer.
  11. Family law seems a lot more common at 50+ lawyer firms than say, criminal law. This especially seems to be the case for a lot of insurance firms. (ie: Blaney McMurtry, McCague Borlack, and Beard Winter all now offer family law services. Whether they're actually doing a lot of this work, I have no idea.)
  12. Volume is easy to fix. Speed is the bigger issue a lot of newbies have. Look the judge in the eyes, and slow down.
  13. If she's so indispensable then maybe they should be paying her more so that she actually wants to work there.
  14. If you could stop spying on my life, that would be great.
  15. Don't worry OP. Your depression over leaving school will soon be eclipsed over your depression from the realities of legal practice.
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