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  1. It was mostly a joke. My path in law has not gone in any way like I planned or expected, and I definitely did not "follow my passions". Though the one niche thing I always said I wanted to do is something my office does quite a bit, and so I get a good bit of exposure to it anyways. I'm not under any delusions that the grass is greener in any given practice area. (Well, some may be more lucrative -- but I'm talking about bringing personal happiness/satisfaction, which I think is ultimately attainable in any practice area.)
  2. I'm feeling attacked right now.
  3. Rightly or wrongly, there is definitely a psychological stigma involving gaps of time between graduating and seeking an articling position. If you don't even have an articling gig lined up, I think there can be some good value in delaying your graduation. This will allow you to apply to employers a year (or two) from now, and truthfully call yourself a "3L". And I don't think anyone is going to bat an eye at delayed graduation during COVID.
  4. Clarence Darrow's autobiography "The Story of my Life" is only $1 on Kindle. It can be rambling at times, but it is a fantastic autobiography which provides insight on a lot of historical events from post-Civil War to pre-World War 2 that tend to be forgotten.
  5. I may be dating myself, but when I attended Western a decade ago, I was able to rent a room in a house for less than $400 per month. (And a bus pass was included in our fees!) Tuition at Ryerson and Western are near equal (~21k per year). I'm assuming you're going to have to take on fairly significant debt on the tuition regardless of where you attend. I agree with the above posters that I place little to no value in formal alumni networks. But I would suggest that Western's reputational edge over Ryerson is not trivial.
  6. Can someone explain why LinkedIn exists? I think some HR people use it to find job candidates, but otherwise I can't imagine how it has much value to most lawyers.
  7. I'm just going to leave this decision here, and let you decide whether your LSO dollars are being well spent. https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onlst/doc/2020/2020onlsta3/2020onlsta3.html edit: Specifically the Golden Touch discussion.
  8. We can all agree the pandering by the NDP's Jill Andrew after the ONCA decision was an absolute embarrassment, that's for sure. Though thankfully it gave us some comedic gold:
  9. I can't tell whether this is a great question or a terrible question. Areas of law are not distilled into neat silos. There can often be overlap between any two areas, and any area can often be further subdivided into a niche specialty. Law school does not completely prepare you to practice in any area of law. It can provide tools, but it is ultimately just a licensing requirement. And with that license from the law society, you are permitted to essentially practice in any area you wish.
  10. If I don't have something specific to do on that particular day: Wake up at 6:45 with kids. Spend time with them until about 8-8:30 Work/out shower Get to work around 9:30-10 Spend 2 hours just clearing my inbox/delegate assignments/reading news/checking stocks/posting on forums/plan out what I'm going to do after lunch After lunch I'll ideally try to just accomplish a couple of bigger tasks and go home when I'm done. This is usually anywhere from 6PM - 8PM.
  11. Law isn't about memorization. It's about understanding. To understand law, you have to engage with and play with the material. You should be having lightbulb moments when something fits together. If you don't feel engaged/alert, you're doing something wrong.
  12. You get a set when you and/or your firm purchase them.
  13. What am I doing wrong with my life... Pay/location?
  14. "We demand that the legislature pass arbitrary and confusing legislation, and that the SCC figure it out!"
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