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  1. utmguy

    First trial tips?

    Rule #1 of Small Claims Court is that there are no rules: Court May Dispense With Compliance 2.02 If necessary in the interest of justice, the court may dispense with compliance with any rule at any time. O. Reg. 258/98, r. 2.02.
  2. Sounds like something someone would say who was trying to get you to join their cult. Wait, yeah that makes sense.
  3. Is Dalhousie the only school they do that for? Seems odd.
  4. utmguy

    New Call & Self-Doubts

    No way you need to order $1,500 worth of legal books.
  5. utmguy

    Professional Corporations

    Not true. Some partners will act through PCs. Many will not.
  6. utmguy

    Bar exam and dyslexia

    The majority of my thoughts upon reading the original post are a bit inappropriate, so I will say something that is less controversial: The psychological literature generally does not support highlighting as an effective studying tool.
  7. utmguy

    Non-Formal Toronto Articling Recruit

    That is impressively bad luck. Please update thread when you get something.
  8. utmguy

    Articling options under consideration

    1. Bad but not catastrophic. 2. I am very concerned about the requirement to pass the bar exam as a prerequisite to articling. I started articling before my bar result came back (but after I wrote the bar). 3: Is this not articling by another name, but without the red tape? All I see this doing is making 1A equivalent to articling, except firms will have no professional obligation to hire anyone. 4: Opposite of 3. Rather than removing a step, one is just added.
  9. utmguy

    Transition After Articling

    Some people get completely pigeon holed. Some people get a bit pigeon holed, but find ways to branch out. Some people have enough initiative to completely branch out into new practice areas on their own.
  10. utmguy

    Intact Insurance

    Contact one of their in house associates would be my guess: https://www.canadianlawlist.com/listingdetail/company/intact-insurance-company-702846/
  11. utmguy

    Brown and Burnes

    They must have a pretty relaxed culture given that they allowed one of their associates to appear on the most recent season of The Bachelor. (She came in 3rd.) Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bachelor_Canada_(season_3)
  12. You guys have ruined a potentially hilarious story. Can you imagine during the OP's interview, Beard Winter asks her why she wants to work there? "Well, I've interviewed at some insurance firms, but I really don't think I want to work in insurance." OP literally got saved by the internet here.
  13. Tattoos on lawyers seem rare. In my experience, the number of legal assistants with butterfly tattoos on their lower backs is absurdly disproportionate to the general population.
  14. utmguy

    June Bar 2018 -- How'd it go?

    I think you have slightly misinterpreted the pass rates. (Or maybe I am crazy?) For years 2010-2014/2015 (the ones with full data), the retake pass rate is over 50%. ie: For the 2010/2011 cohort, 83.9% of students passed on their first attempt. The reference to 9.9% of students passing on their second attempt is not 9.9% of people who failed their first attempt, but 9.9% of the entire cohort. Given that only 16.1% failed their first attempt, 9.9%/16.1% actually means the pass rate for second attempts was 61%.
  15. It's missing a "Starbucks: $500" entry.