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  1. utmguy

    Those who are in Law School..did you ever regret it?

    A girl in my class dropped out after a couple of months of 1L. I never heard the full story, but she apparently decided it wasn't for her. These things happen.
  2. The Solicitors Act expressly prohibits contingency fee agreements in family law matters. See post above.
  3. See also: https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onca/doc/2018/2018onca424/2018onca424.html
  4. Funny... I graduated with high distinction yet it's not even mentioned on my firm bio...
  5. utmguy

    McMaster Law?

    I wrote my LSAT at McMaster. Maybe that's what he meant somehow?
  6. If there are assets to fight about, then there are assets to cover legal fees.
  7. utmguy

    Salary Negotiation Tips

    Hmm.... I was always anti-collective bargaining in the private law firm context, but for very different reasons than Hedgis. In private practice, the best associates are presumably the ones who are going to become partners. Furthermore, over the lifetime of their career, they're likely to spend more time as a partner than as an associate. As such, even as associates, the "top associates" have an incentive to advocate for associate pay structures which will most benefit them once they become partners. And of course, as Hedgis notes, in most of these cases for the top associates, it's going to be to their benefit to bargain individually as associates. Similarly, existing partners have an incentive to want "fair" associate pay structures that reward the most profitable associates, so that those associates stay on as long as possible (and ultimately enter the partnership.) I don't think the government lawyer comparison is apt (given they're not in the profit business), although I did not know that there were labour lawyers which collectively bargained. (Which frankly sounds like a cheeky way for labour firms to show how committed they are to the cause.)
  8. utmguy

    Hamilton Articling 2019

    https://www.hamiltonlaw.on.ca/articling-in-hamilton/firms-hiring-students Hamilton has a fairly standardized articling recruitment process.
  9. utmguy

    JD: Return on Investment? Minimize Debt?

    Fundamentally this will depend on what your alternatives are, although as a general statement, I don't agree with it.
  10. utmguy

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    imo you're not rich until you have enough money to get divorced without sweating child and spousal support.
  11. utmguy

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Paying me more wouldn't make me any happier. Or in my case, less unhappy ;).
  12. utmguy

    Autism + Suits

    If your employer would fire you over a bona fide clothing request, your employer likely has other issues with you, or isn't an employer you want to work for anyways. Wearing a suit isn't a bona fide job requirement in any profession. Period. This is the same bullshit people would give 50 years ago for not hiring persons of colour. "I mean, I'm not a racist, but my clients totally are, and you'd be bad for business. Sorry I can't hire you."
  13. utmguy

    How to Become a Partner on Bay Street

    As pompous as your post comes across, I will give you a real response. The business of law, and especially bay street, is that of leverage. Big lawyers attract big clients and get lots of work for them. And those big partners don't do most of that work. They have a bunch of associates under them doing the work. So, how do you become a big bay street partner? Find a way to get large companies to send you lots of work, and then have a bunch of associates under you to do that work. How you can get large companies to send you lots of work and maintain those relationships without working your ass off is a separate question.
  14. utmguy

    How to quit gracefully

    Here's how my experience went when I left my old firm. *knock on partners door* Me: "Hey how's it going?" Partner F: "Good, what's up?" Me: "I need to sit down for this one. I think you know how much I enjoy working here, however I've gotten a job offer from x firm." Partner F: "Hmmm... I assume you're going to take it, and there's nothing I can do to talk you out of it?" Me: "That's probably correct." Partner F: "Hey Partner R! utmguy got offered a job at x firm!" Partner R: "Wow, congrats! Happy for you, sad for us. x firm is a great firm!" Partner F: "Yup. Great firm." And then two weeks later, after my last day there, they gave me a $2,000 Christmas bonus.
  15. At my firm you don't get special credit for managing your own files. The most important criteria for equity partnership is bringing new clients to the firm.