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  1. Worst: The fact that at the end of the day, all most students care about is finding the almighty articling position. There is a huge amount of stress before you land one, and people practically tune out of law school once they've secured it. Best: Entertaining profs who genuinely care and are interested in what they teach.
  2. ls.ca is a terrible place to go for specific career advice. ls.ca is a great place to go for general questions.
  3. If you can't detect a bot, you might not be too far removed from one.
  4. Pretty sure everyone in this thread is responding to a bot.
  5. Take the job, and don't sweat it when you leave a month after getting called.
  6. Anything is possible. I've seen 100% eat what you kill I've seen 100% salary with no/discretionary bonus I've seen salary + incentive bonus based on billings/other metrics What you describe doesn't sound that out of the ordinary.
  7. I went the K-JD route. I was extremely immature when I entered law school at 22. I had never worked a job earning more than minimum wage, I was a virgin, I had never been in a serious relationship, the only car I had ever driven was my mother's, I had always lived with my mother, and I had never even been on a vacation without my mother. I had a lot of room for growth, but I don't believe my growth as a person would have gone any better by spending a year doing something else. I had nothing I was passionate about that would have been worthwhile. -2014 call at a major firm with 2 kids
  8. Yep, it's insane. Med/mal plaintiff work is not only incredibly difficult, it's incredibly risky for the law firm to do. You know who takes big risks that they're going to win trials with massive stakes? Competent lawyers.
  9. My number one writing tip is to edit out extraneous adjectives. For style influence, I can never get enough of Justice Watt. He draws me in every time with his staccato-like sentences, and ends up painting such a vivid picture in my mind. From R v Shafia:
  10. 1. There is no way to guarantee hireback. 2. My hireback process involved my principal walking into my office, asking what my plans were after getting called to the bar, followed by the fanciest 3 hour italian lunch I've ever had. 3. April
  11. Especially given a lot of the professional responsibility information is duplicative between exams, it makes sense to do the exams together.
  12. But that's my point. They probably couldn't evaluate you in one week. But you could probably evaluate them in one week. Unpaid articles are a blight on the profession. A one week trial period that lets you sever your unpaid articles is a feature.
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