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  1. utmguy

    "Excellent Academic Credentials"

    1: General life advice -- don't let some line in a job posting ever prevent you from applying. 2: I can say with near 100% certainty that your grades are fine, and would not be a barrier to you getting a job (in any market). If you're lateraling, the firms will care far more about your work experience than your grades.
  2. utmguy

    Lsuc Spot Audit Scheduled

    My LSUC audit mostly consisted of the auditor catching up with various lawyers in my office, as he had gone to school with several of them.
  3. utmguy

    Podcast: What is law school like?

    tldl: A bunch of kids used to thinking they're smart realize they're mediocre, while constantly wondering if what they're learning will ever be useful. (Spoiler: Not likely.)
  4. utmguy

    Going solo three years out

    There is a general perception that there is not much money to be made in "plaintiff" side Accident Benefits files, which obviously depends on the complexity of the file. Can you reasonably estimate how much you're able to make on those files?
  5. utmguy

    Switching jobs

    Jump ship.
  6. Different firms will have different ways of tracking things. At my firm there is a billable hour target and a non-billable target. Both are nonsense. All the firm gives a shit about is how much money you're collecting, and whether you're bringing in any clients. (Which is measured separately.)
  7. utmguy

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    The real question is why they would want to appear in a publication where the adjacent article is titled, "My job at an Etobicoke rub-and-tug"
  8. utmguy

    New LSO logo

    It's sort of like a zero, to let the public know what their bank accounts will look like after their cases are over.
  9. utmguy

    Feeling incompetent

    You are incompetent. The trick is to make that feeling of incompetence drive you to work extra hard to not fuck anything up, rather than let it paralyze you from trying.
  10. utmguy

    The TRUTH about law school

    I kind of feel bad for truth right now. I mean, if someone spells truth in all-caps, you can be pretty confident that whatever follows is not the truth, thus sullying truth's good name.
  11. utmguy

    First trial tips?

    Rule #1 of Small Claims Court is that there are no rules: Court May Dispense With Compliance 2.02 If necessary in the interest of justice, the court may dispense with compliance with any rule at any time. O. Reg. 258/98, r. 2.02.
  12. Sounds like something someone would say who was trying to get you to join their cult. Wait, yeah that makes sense.
  13. Is Dalhousie the only school they do that for? Seems odd.
  14. utmguy

    New Call & Self-Doubts

    No way you need to order $1,500 worth of legal books.
  15. utmguy

    Professional Corporations

    Not true. Some partners will act through PCs. Many will not.