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  1. To be clear: there is absolutely no such category as "discretionary" at the U of C. There is only one category (regular) within which you can self-identify as aboriginal. That's it.
  2. The lawyers at your firm absolutely need to get over themselves.
  3. If you indicated that you are writing the November LSAT, then they will not request your September score for finalizing your file for review. Your file won't be completed and sent for review until the November LSAT score is in (and, of course, your other requirements are complete).
  4. This thread sucks now. I'd encourage students and newly called lawyers to read the early pages and skip the last ten or so.
  5. To be clear, there is no mature category at the U of C (there is also no access category).
  6. There is a special circumstances section. There is no access category. Applicants need to understand this: the confusion can literally cost people spots.
  7. There is no access category at U of C.
  8. That is correct. That is the risk of writing the January exam.
  9. Four-in-hand. In most circumstances (collar spread, tie space, fabric) a Windsor knot is boring--like you've just learned to tie a tie. The asymmetry of a four-in-hand tends to look like a conscious choice--like you've actually chosen each element of your wardrobe, right down to the knot. The four-in-hand also better supports a sprezzatura look. A businessman may use a Windsor: but a gentleman will use a four-in-hand. I tend to use a double four-in-hand--a look I shamelessly borrowed from Roger on Mad Men. I forget the episode, but he's getting dressed and flips his tie around twice before knotting. I found it roguish.
  10. If you aren't going to wear a belt, then you should have the belt loops removed. All of my suit trousers have either tabs or are worn with suspenders--I haven't worn a belt with a suit in a decade (with the exception of my linen suits).
  11. I was building off of Pyke's point about other "gods." People used to worship Thor. Now he fights alongside Iron Man and Hulk.
  12. Maybe in a different universe. But in the 616 Prime Universe, Jesus would totally be an Avenger (probably West Coast Avenger, actually).
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