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  1. This is your best post on the forum.
  2. This thread sucks now. I'd encourage students and newly called lawyers to read the early pages and skip the last ten or so.
  3. To be clear, there is no mature category at the U of C (there is also no access category).
  4. There is a special circumstances section. There is no access category. Applicants need to understand this: the confusion can literally cost people spots.
  5. There is no access category at U of C.
  6. That is correct. That is the risk of writing the January exam.
  7. Four-in-hand. In most circumstances (collar spread, tie space, fabric) a Windsor knot is boring--like you've just learned to tie a tie. The asymmetry of a four-in-hand tends to look like a conscious choice--like you've actually chosen each element of your wardrobe, right down to the knot. The four-in-hand also better supports a sprezzatura look. A businessman may use a Windsor: but a gentleman will use a four-in-hand. I tend to use a double four-in-hand--a look I shamelessly borrowed from Roger on Mad Men. I forget the episode, but he's getting dressed and flips his tie around twice before knotting. I found it roguish.
  8. If you aren't going to wear a belt, then you should have the belt loops removed. All of my suit trousers have either tabs or are worn with suspenders--I haven't worn a belt with a suit in a decade (with the exception of my linen suits).
  9. I was building off of Pyke's point about other "gods." People used to worship Thor. Now he fights alongside Iron Man and Hulk.
  10. Maybe in a different universe. But in the 616 Prime Universe, Jesus would totally be an Avenger (probably West Coast Avenger, actually).
  11. Agreed. Without an ounce of joking intended, at some point in the (near?) future, there is a non-zero chance "Jesus" (powers include a healing factor, flight, and telepathy) will be on the Avengers alongside Thor and Hercules.
  12. (emphasis added) Not mourning---morning. Morning dress is a type of formal daytime attire. Canadian court attire includes some elements of morning dress (striped pants and the waist coat). Of course, it's also true that black is often worn at funerals, but that is not what's meant when people say "morning attire." There are two main reasons why black suits are to be avoided. First, black is a formal colour, and the vast majority of events explicitly call for business attire, or wrongly call for formal when business attire is intended (i.e. people wrongly think "formal" and "business" are the same thing). Second, black suits (even well-made black suits) tend to adopt a greenish hue in harsh artificial light, and thus only really look black in natural light and candlelight (and certain types of "natural look" artificial light). Black suits tend to look good outside, in churches, and at certain events with carefully selected lightning (e.g. awards shows).
  13. As I've written elsewhere in this thread, I tend toward almost no break in my trousers. However, I spend a lot of my time in court sitting, often with my legs crossed. For that reason, I keep my formal trousers tailed with the standard break (so as to not show any skin). I have my waistcoat tailored quite close. Quite frankly the waistcoat is so poorly made that it is still too loose for my tastes. I had it altered so the underarms are open. Buttoning the bottom button is tricky--I would say it ultimately comes down to personal choice. To the extent court attire still tracks the Royals/UK custom, our friends across the pond are no help. The recent trend in morning attire has been toward double breasted waistcoats, so that doesn't help. You still see single breasted waistcoats, of course (David Beckham wears them frequently), and by my eyes, I say it's about a 60/40 split in favour of keeping the bottom button unbuttoned. Maybe check out the upcoming Royal Wedding. I certainly don't think keeping the button unbuttoned is "improper"--especially as seeing how the actual future king has, from time to time, worn his waistcoat in that manner at court.
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