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    LP ... I'm very surprised at your WL ... I truly hope you get in, esp considering how strongly you value McGill (which by now should be ANOTHER application factor for schools, the importance and values we place on them!) Which school in the US are you going to?
  2. TheColorPurple

    Who is still RFR?

    Correct ... Still waiting
  3. Before I send in my denial, I just want to know what sort of future am I rejecting! I have tried hard to look this up but there is nothing concrete I can find on what is the average starting salary of a UNB grad and also how much are they making 5 years down the road. Anyone any info or pointers please?
  4. TheColorPurple

    Called McGill

    It seems people who applied in Nov. and Dec. are getting responses already. Those applied around the deadline are still being reviewed. She said it's about 2-3 weeks before they hear anything.
  5. TheColorPurple

    Information on Lawyers

    Where can I get some information on canadian lawyers? E.g. I'm trying to sort of get a little idea on where do lawyers from different schools end up 5-10 years from graduation. How many work for govn or private sectors, how much they make, where did they recolate to etc Any suggetions on how do I dig up this info? Thanks
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    I'm in the same boat as you LawPlayer and I've resisted calling too but I'm beginning to get pretty upset now. I have to send my deposit towards Tulane before the 15th and is it ridiculous to not want to waste money? Does McGill not realize that for many students in their 'ready to review' mode, we do have others deadlines coming up! Apart from the fact that students lose money when they put down other deposits while waiting for McGill, multiple deposits make those waitlisters at other schools suffer too!! It's creating such a terrible chain of pain for everyone! If McGill is so slow why can't they just change their deadlines from Jan to Dec? Why can't they just charge extra money for applications and thus be able to afford to hire more people in adCom. This is getting ridiculous now. And pretty arrogant on their part!! *PURPLE TURNED RED COLOR*
  8. TheColorPurple

    Anyone any news from McGill?

    4/5 - Im' still reading Ready for Review. No snail mail. Anything happened in the past 5 days for anyone else?
  9. TheColorPurple

    Seriously starting to go crazy

    "Sorry for the stupid message, anybody care to reveal what it is that keeps you from going crazy?? The hope that the small chance still exists that it might be an accept but I know what you mean.
  10. TheColorPurple

    I need advice too

    I will drop everything for McGill )) It seems the perfect world to me, graduating from McGill. The degree allows me to work in Canada, in the US and in France! The school has a very good name everywhere! AND mainly for me, it's known for it's Intl program!! Not to mention the added benefit of low tuition. All that is too good to be true *sigh*
  11. TheColorPurple

    Applying near the Deadline

    it is be a disadvantage since most spots are gone but go ahead anyways. if your #s are decent, above their 50%-ile, it might not be that bad.
  12. TheColorPurple

    Anyone any news from McGill?

    Applying Now, I'm sorry to hear that. If you want to get into McGill as bad as I did 2 weeks back, I can understand your grief But to be honest, atleast now you know! I must admit that this McGill suspense (since most McGill applicants tend to have their heart sent on the school) is a true killer. It leaves us with just no decision making ability! While I still don't want to be refused but I am so anxious now! I want to make up my mind about other schools. My deadlines for my 2nd choice is coming up and if i get into McGill later (if ofcourse) the money surely is a waste. Goodluck Applying now. There is a saying where I come from, translated it means, whenever one door closes on you, 2 other open. Don't be upset
  13. TheColorPurple

    I need advice too

    Hahaha pokerchamp. That was very funny (re: sinking) Yeah, I know about it too. BTW, I've been to New Orleans and I truly liked it, it's very different from everything I've seen and might be a good experience for 3 yrs. Thanks everyone and gogoldenbears for your indepth analysis. It truly helped. I made up my mind and Tulane it is! In case anyone cares, here are my reasons 1) My interest is Intl Law and Tulane has a very good reputation for that 2) I've lived in big cities all my life and I moved out of Toronto after a while because it wasn't big enough a city for me From what I've heard, life in Fredriction sounds fun for 3 years but after that, I must get a job in TO otherwise I will be crying every night SO that made me lean towards the US. gogoldenbears, Tulane is actually a national school and 85% of their grads get jobs outside of Louisiana. Infact almost half the class moves to NY/DC right after graduation (few to California and rest scattered around south) and knowing that helped a lot. UNB to TO immediately after graduation sounded risky. 3)Money I'm going to be in my late 20s when I start law school and given my career change and ofcourse 3 yr investment, I want to see returns! Last night when I was considering UNB and talking about it at home, my family flipped over it and to be honest, they made me realize that it's no fun to be almsot 30 and start life making 35K *sigh* 4) You might think this is a pretty strange reasons for my decision. Last week I emailed UNB's law student society president and later another current 3L at UNB, asking for a little time and some help in my considering UNB. I had a few questions about jobs etc. I haven't heard from either. 2 days back I did the same with 2 Tulane students (who are canadians infact since I wanted to get some canadian perspective on Tulane and US) and both immediately replied back in detail and helped ease my confusion. While i' m not considering UNB or student pres. of Law School Society negatively, but I am considering Tulane's students positively. Made me felt better having read about 2 Canadians from Calgary and Vancouver and their positive experience about New Orleans and Tulane. Thanks again for your help.
  14. TheColorPurple

    I need advice too

    But the loans at UNB are same as starting salary and same for Tulane. I mean I would be in debt around 35/40K for UNB and 120K for Tulane. UNB starting salary would be 30/35K and Tulane's is 90/95K. Any other reason you'd pick UNB?
  15. TheColorPurple

    I need advice too

    If you were in at UNB and Tulane in New Orleans, which one would you pick and why?