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  1. Few people are operating on the AFA. Lao billing handbook for those curious. Also, we all operate different practices, SC. Our jr associate is the one running between courts. The managing partner is more selective on her cases and will handle the more serious matters. I'm a family lawyer so some days I have 4 conferences and other days is client meetings and drafting. I might do some negotiations/prep with my client while waiting for my conference to be called or I might take time to myself since I ate lunch while on the phone and also answering emails.
  2. Billable hours aren't really a thing in criminal (YMMV). My firm's from practice is mainly block fees. I'd also imagine an articling student at a small firm is largely managing the rounders so mainly LAO billing. So, again, block fees. @sc, while I don't condone any ganging up, can you not simultaneously come to seek advice and slam the lawyers that take their time to respond? It's not all that difficult to post while waiting for our matters to be called. @ everyone else, stop the gang up. Though let's move on from this all, k?
  3. Graduate degrees are softs for most schools. It's your undergrad GPA + LSAT for most schools
  4. Duuuuude, someone threw Diamond's name as an exception to Cooley grads being not great. I tongue-in-cheek commented about how he has no trial experience. That's the scope of the conversation, counsel! Yes, there are competent counsel at that firm (have met 1) and Diamond is a good businessman. Again, that wasn't what was being discussed.
  5. The competency of Diamond's referral network isn't what is being discussed though. I do believe that he's a brilliant businessman though
  6. I'm aware. 6th year of practice here and only have 3 trials. 3 is already more than Diamond. While I'm a litigator with plenty of conference/motion/mediations, I don't sell myself as a litigation expert as he implies being the face of his "firm"
  7. That is not at all what the holistic CV means. Few students had legal experience or athletic experience yet there is a class of 180. Holistic just means that they're looking at the whole package and seeks people who are more than (but also have) good numbers on paper. The statement information is all on the law website - why law, why law McGill, french experience and transystemia. Personal statements are personal. There is no tried and true formula. Many people do write from a personal perspective. I didn't have to sign any contracts. What are you referring to? Your own life was altered? These are facts? What are you even on!? Last, @OP, groucho dropped out of law school in their first semester. I'd caution about any advice taken from them.
  8. Hasn't diamond never actually conducted a trial though?
  9. It's less competitive than getting in the undergrad.
  10. People (students and lawyers) made a stink when Ottawa kept the "Oopsie" acceptances. Now people are making a stink because the same situation is happening and, rather than opening their class even wider, are telling people that the email was an error and they will respond accordingly. The only official acceptance comes when the school sends the official offer anyways. I get that y'all were excited (except Huggy who, admittedly, was going to decline anyways) and it stings to lose something that was taken away. Unfortunately, it wasn't yours to begin with so it has to go back to its shelf. What do you propose? All y'all Karens seriously think you either deserve acceptance or scholarship money because of an accidental email!?
  11. So... U Ottawa had to increase their class size after erroneously accepting students. It's still a respected institution. Perhaps running to the Internet after Ryerson's seemingly honest mistake that they are looking to rectify is more reflective of you than the school.
  12. My small firm is fine. No lay offs, understanding that our litigation practice is completely crippled until courts reopen. We're ok until June 1st because of back billing and I had a strong billing year. So long to summer bonus though. And my cpd stipend. Very fortunate to have stable paycheque and reduced expectations at this time. Focus on resiliency, overcoming grief and trauma. (It helps that the managing partner has a social work background).
  13. Why? Someone from Manitoba who wants to practice in Manitoba is likelier to attend Manitoba than U of T. A person wanting to minimize debt and is offered a scholarship to Manitoba may strongly consider it and/or accept it. A parent may not want to uproot their children or a caretaker may not be able to run to Toronto for law school. There are many reasons why someone would take Manitoba over U of T. You need to take a step back and look at the statements you've been consistently making on applications.
  14. Classes may have oral components that are subject to exam questions. Students may present that in French. My criminal procedure class visited the court and watched bails. This was largely in French and we had to write about the process.
  15. I find it's those lawyers that do a fair share of civil litigation as opposed to criminal or wills/real estate. It is a different approach to an issue that doesn't translate well.
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