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  1. What sort of law do you practice? My first step was making connections with other lawyers and basically letting them know that I'm available for their conflicts/legal aid files. The referrals started pouring in, especially as I built my reputation. I also grew my reputation as having fast turn around times for documents and urgent matters. Depending on your area of law, word of mouth can be a very powerful tool. Family lawyers are hot topics on mommy blogs/groups... You can look into joining a local committee to get your face in the community. Get involved in your local practice area BAR, and see from the association's president whether there are any mentorship opportunities with other senior members. Things would be a bit different from a solicitor's practice but much of the above would still translate well. Make friends with litigators if you're in real estate - my firm doesn't handle real estate despite my large family practice. We send all our transactions to one firm and they send us their litigious family files.
  2. I was expected to start bringing clients from my first day onwards. Obvs, the managing partner still brought in her own business and assigned me overflow/cases she didn't want, but it is absolutely normal for lawyers, even new calls, to be hustling. My billable targets grew as my time expanded with the firm.
  3. I would suggest refraining from giving business advice when you acknowledge that you're not sure of the inner workings of private practice. Lawyers are expected to draw in clients - you're advising otherwise. That is... yeah.
  4. Hello. Just a reminder that you only have 1 hour to edit your responses - after that, your CV and identifying features will remain posted. The moderators won't delete it or modify your profile because you later wish to remain anonymous.
  5. So clearly mature! Give them a call to be sure
  6. How long have you been out of school for? McGill may have thrown you back into the regular admit category if you didn't meet their definition of "mature" student.
  7. Punctuation saves lives. My personal peeve is signatures that end "in yours, we remain"
  8. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Y'all going to have to pry my baccalaureum utriusque iuris from my cold, dead hands! Jokes on you - Mickey G's will probably still release latin degrees even if you get the JD.
  9. LAO with Free EDI CPD on AODA requirements
  10. LSO members have access to Homewood Health. You can also speak to a crisis center for some immediate help. I'm in a small firm so YMMV. My position was largely created to balance the managing partner's burnout. There are many MH checks here so some firms are definitely trying to incorporate checks and balances in. It's always scary to come back into a work environment following a mental health break as not everyone appreciates mental health. Many firms are supportive, however, even if it is more because they don't want to be labelled as "that firm". In any event, you have a long and healthy career ahead of you. Your job may change and you can have a healthy and good career ahead of you. As @BertyBewp says, you're more likely to destroy your career by not getting help. It's ok to put your needs ahead of the firm.
  11. Stop reading Nietzche and work with your CDO. Also, you wrote "why we're interviewed" so it sounds like you received interviews. Hearing about why a student got an interview isn't all that helpful - working with professionals who can give you practical advice about interviewing skills, resumes and cover letters is better use of your time. Practice some interviews. And also recognize, as barelylegal writes, that there are some things out of your control
  12. Frankly, who cares what a student invited for an interview might say? For example, I still get annual messages from people asking about the TDSB interview that I had in 2014. Grades wise, I certainly would not have been what people would have considered an attractive candidate. I can guess why I was invited for an interview (because I'm pretty awesome) but it doesn't actually help others understand why they were/weren't called for an interview. As barelylegal says, there can absolutely be behind-the-scenes reasons why one type of candidate may be invited for interviews over others.
  13. As per every other chances thread, McGill is very subjective. Your LORs are actually very important, as is your cover letter and French ability. Most people rate theirs as competitive, but sometimes it's quite hard to gauge. Your stats are above the medians, so that is good, but it's unknown as to the other factors. It's certainly not a wasted application! It truly is hard to predict McGill chances.
  14. When I was in 1L, the Mcgill admin had this brilliant idea of telling all of us stressed out 1Ls that they had a "surprise" for us. We left our midterms and crammed at the SAO office and were given our Letters of Intent that we wrote the year before. As McGill advised, it was to "remind" us of why we chose to come to McGill and to inspire us during a rough time. Mine had a couple of exclamation marks added, a question mark around a particularly humanties-style statement, with a big ol' SP! and circled word. I'm getting at exactly what @chaboywb wrote - they may or may not notice but it didn't matter in my case as I was accepted without any issue. YMMV, obviously, if your statement is riddled with errors. One spelling mistake did not hurt me though.
  15. Concordia sends a fair amount to McGill law. My year had like 15 Con U alum. Actually, 5 people from my Coms graduating class ended up in Law (McGill and UdM). Also, JMSB is a good business school so you might want to not be "if I have to go to Concordia". Many of us chose Concordia over McGill for a variety of reasons. Either way, you can eventually end up at New Chancellor Day Hall. Get good grades, get some extracurriculars and you'll have a chance.
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