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  1. artsydork

    Grades and being a Lawyer

    I can absolutely say with certainty that I was hired over people who were in the B+ to A- range because of my work ethic. I've also worked with people with high grades who had zero social skills. We see people on this forum every now and then who state they have difficulties finding jobs despite their top 30% range. In any case, that's not to say people with high grades lack work ethic - it's also folly to suggest that grades = better work ethic than someone with lower grades. Higher grades does mean demonstrates stronger knowledge of subject matter. Absolutely. Work ethic? That's not what a grade means.
  2. artsydork

    Grades and being a Lawyer

    Speaking as someone who easn't a top student, I had to hustle to overcome my grades. I worked hard during my summer position and got a strong reference for articles. Worked hard during articles. Grades weren't even a consideration when I was hired back because of my glowing references.The references I made during articles/post call helped me even when I moved jurisdiction. Grades don't necessarily translate into good work ethic.
  3. artsydork

    is registering for CAS really necessary?

    CAS is children's aid society. I was greatly concerned for a moment.
  4. artsydork

    Partner Compensation in Canada vs US?

    I can't hear the term "7 sisters" without thinking of Lisa Simpson (and a hotplate!)
  5. artsydork

    University of Alberta vs University of Victoria

    I'm not being facetious- both schools can produce human rights/civil lawyers. Go to the school that will mininize debt and maximize happiness. I don't know where the fixation with UVic is from. Neither school will give you an edge for the career path you want. Edmonton has waaaay more social organizations that you can involve yourself in. Get out of the university bubble if you're interested in civil/human rights. Volunteer at the various ngos or shelters.
  6. artsydork

    University of Alberta vs University of Victoria

    ..you can become a civil/human rights lawyer from any university. Go to the school that will minimize debt and keep you happiest.
  7. artsydork

    divorce and court

    Good thing no one is married anymore! Separations will be what keeps me in business! But yeah. Joint and or uncontested divorces are just essentially basket motions. Clerk checks registry, if nothing pops up, you file your affidavit. Then if the judge has no questions (child support is being paid, no outstanding property issues) your divorce gets rubber stamped. Now, add in figuring who has enough parenting time, who, if any, should make decisions. And yeah. I'm not too worried about my business. Let's just say my active case load is less like 3/100 and more towards the remainder.
  8. As a lawyer, I warn all of my clients to get things in writing and what not. DO AS WE SAY AND NOT AS WE DO THOUGH. I didn't get my articling contract until like I officially started articling. I spoke to my principal once before articling, namely to figure out where we would be meeting on my first day. HR was nice and responded to 1 email prior to me starting. This seems to be the norm for most people articling - get hired, radio silence, and panic.
  9. artsydork

    Transferring out of McGill law?

    My torts and contract were split into 2l with advanced obligations. Is that no a thing anymore?
  10. artsydork

    Transferring out of McGill law?

    You'll likely need to redo torts and contracts if you transfer out in second year. Oh, and maybe property.
  11. Law school is nothing like legal practice in general.
  12. artsydork

    Life After the SCC

    FWIW, I have a few colleagues that were SCC clerks. AFAIK, only 1 is a professor and the rest of them are practicing. One is a tax litigator. Another is a litigator and was part of one of the intervenors during the TWU, another is an ombudsman officer. Oh, 1 is a professor in Calgary. Dude was mega conservative yet got top grades at Mcgill and Harvard, so y'all can stop worrying about conservatives being mistreated by professors in law school.
  13. artsydork

    McGill 3-year schedule?

    1L winter semester has an additional class (crim, public law, or family law). Take 2-3 summer courses that first summer. 6 classes per semester afterwards to continue the overload. You're trying to jam pack 105 credits into 6 semesters, with 1L largely credit controlled. It's a tight fit. Edit: my info is outdated. Checking the mcgill site states that you can't take the added 1l class anymore. So overload and summers.
  14. artsydork

    Family Law

    Maybe it's because I treat my certificate clients as if I was their private lawyer, many of my certificate clients refer me to their family and friends. I've even got cash clients through my certificate clients...
  15. artsydork

    Hours : Targets, Expectations and Consequences

    My firm is 3 lawyers, 3 admin. Also in a smaller town. So our experiences can be similar. I practice exclusively family and child protection. My practice is mainly legal aid, with a growing private practice (sliding scales). It certainly is possible to bill more than minimum wage rates. Don't only limit yourself to solicitor side work. One suggestion is to get yourself on the child protection panel.