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  1. Just out of curiosity, what is your thought process of this fear?
  2. Though it absolutely can be when there might be case. It is also patently unreasonable for a larger corporation (FFS, AVIVA) to swing their corporate might around and refuse to entertain any discussions when the deputy judge is saying there is a case to be made by both. That's the issue - there is validity to both arguments. So don't take the hardline. This didn't seem to be a case where the Plaintiff say too much sun and is complaining that it ruined her trip. PI/Civil lawyers ones that dabble in family law are the worst offenders as their letters actively create more conflict. It's ridiculous.
  3. I had to mull it over as my articling offer took me out of my home town. I thanked them for the call, exclaimed excitement, and asked for contact details to phone back at a time at their convenience. Obvs don't wait a week - it's absolutely fine (and generally expected) that people will call back/not have an immediate answer.
  4. Techninally the 2 majors are HR and ADR. No one does the majors though. Unless you mean the students fall into the 2 respective camps? In any event, OP, Mickey Gs looks for a diversity of experiences. They don't have to be law related. It's better to be the major organizer for Dog Walkers for Humanity raising 20k than it is to be a coffee runner at the UN. Take the internship that has you in a better role, whether it's the corporate or HR one.
  5. A+ basically drops to A. It's not too major. There are some online calculators though.
  6. Well that went from 0 to crazy fast. You not knowing something doesn't mean it's worthy of an entire post. It's also incredibly strange to assume that people studying university programs were unaware that they had options following their degree. I note that you also gave zero information - you literally say a "number" of schools (1? 3? 0?). You also only apply this to your own Ontario-centric (colleges that grant university equivalents exist outside of Ontario) experience. It's also in Western's FAQ, so at least one law school explictly talks about how they treat college students. I'm not being a jerk to naive OLs - though I'd hope that people would do basic research prior to dropping 20k+ on their university education - I was being tongue-in-cheek with you for coming up with this "OMG LOOK AT ME" Buzzfeed style, WHAT'S NEXT MIGHT SURPRISE YOU clickbait. Oh. Civil law schools also accept people with only CEGEP degrees In any event, I am happy for you that you made it in. Good luck at TRU.
  7. Well, yes, you can apply to law school with a 4 year college degree. The Ministry of Education has approved some colleges to grant university equivalent degrees. I'm confused - this is already known. Some of these law schools even post it in FAQs. What might blow your mind further is that a number of law schools don't even require a completed undergrad degree!
  8. Compléter votre demande. Vérifier si vous êtes accepté. Faire votre choix après.
  9. I'm going to lowkey disagree with other posters saying to not worry about it- fulltime work IS your extracurricular. I'd say have some concerns if you were rocking a 2.5 and banking on fulltime work to make up for your gpa. You're fine with a 3.7. Stay on top of your grades and get the best LSAT you can. Fulltime employment as your sole EC won't hold you back.
  10. Ontario doesn't believe in access to justice or they wouldnt have slashed the LAO budget, screwed over the ODSP calculations, OSAP calculations, cut autism funding, etc etc etc. True access to justice is a difficult concept. Even McGill students can graduate with a large debt load despite our tuition being largely subsidized. It's not the same in Ontario. There is a certain level of inter-university politics also at play - 2 Toronto schools are in the 20k range - Ryerson isn't starting a price war with York and Toronto. Plus, even if tuition was "only" 15k per year, how the fuck does that address access to justice!? Ontario needs its own printemps d'erable.
  11. Fungible is a perfectly cromulent word. https://images.app.goo.gl/knt8vc2gagdhqLpA6
  12. Complete derail but my puppy started BARKING like cray when i started playing this song. She has not barked like that before.
  13. Depending on geographic area, websites aren't really all that useful. Is it a litigation firm? If so, ask to go shadow them in court or whether you can observe some conferences.
  14. Really? I had Prof Leckey chat with me and invite me to a conference that was being held in my identified research area. All from introducing myself at the Welcome Day. He remembered my PS. It was a very interesting way to start law school. Guess YMMV
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