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  1. My personal statement was all about queer politics. I didn't mince words. It worked out. Personal statements are personal. There is no universal rule. Craft it in such a way that you don't focus on the word itself so much as the drive that being called the slur propelled you forward. Make sure the statement flows and you build rather than focus on the slur. When in doubt, write a version that includes it, and write a version without it and compare. There is power in narrative. Also, look to your avatar for inspiration. Vanjie didn't quit when she was first out and look at that queen now.
  2. In fairness, the question isn't whether being a Windsor graduate would impact Bay Street chances but rather be significantly impacted in working in Toronto. There are 3 law schools in Toronto with the majority of the students likely trying to get into Toronto. You'll certainly have competition though that will be true anywhere. There is a sizeable Windsor network in Toronto that you can hone in on too.
  3. McGillObama, aren't the student who dropped out of McGill law in 1L before receiving any sort of grades back? Or are you their "friend" and advancing the same arguments re: physics undergrad. Let's all stop feeding the trolls. Also, this portion of the board is for articling students/lawyers - let's stop all the 0L talk about the profession and what not. Take it to the appropriate area.
  4. Those are microaggressions. Problematic for some, others don't mind. It's the same when I was in the fac (did we overlap at all?) when people would take about how gay the fac was (you know, having ~10 people out of a class of 180, or have 3 out people chatting with one another). In your example, it might be "well intentioned" and still problematic. I agree there are issues of "doing diversity" that are alienating. That said, we need to start shaking shit up as well. I still routinely hear superior court judges speak about "men's tools" and "mommy responsibilities" and, this week, about religious ideology not in line with Canadian secular society (to a separated couple of faith).
  5. Family may not have much reading but it has so...much...drafting...
  6. There are. Anyone in the field will agree, especially those of us that have been working with these groups for a few years. While I agree with Cleanhands that some of my most resilient and hilarious clients have been people working through very difficult issues, though it is challenging work that is underpaid, underserviced, and involve institutional barriers that can create significant obstacles. Re: public interest generally. The work is often underpaid with few resources. Many friends in the NGO sphere burn out. Lots of running on passion and unpaid time. It's generally competitive as there are few paid opportunities, especially for legal roles. These are largely high level advocacy positions as opposed to micro or community-level interventions. There are many areas of law outside of the "public interest" that engages with people that can make a real difference in their lives. Criminal, child protection, consent & capacity, parole, family, elder law, etc. are not "public interest" though can be used to effect real change and difference in someone's life.
  7. There is nothing up there except very expensive houses. There are decent apartments around the fac but no restos or grocery stores. You'll ultimately deal with the Hill somehow. You get used to it. HOMA is fun and less expensive. Green line is 20 mins to campus. Cote des Neiges was a great neighborhood too, especially like on Ridgewood or Forest Hill. Take the 165 just past the hospital and walk the rest of the way. You're a walk to Beaver Hill too. Actually, I used to walk to Guy metro but the 165 passes all the time. Ndg is hit or miss. Some really shoddy apartments though the community is great. You can live in the Pointe and take a bus close to the law fac. And near Atwater and take the 144. Plateau is expensive though is a great neighborhood to be in. I didn't mind the 20 minute walk (or 7 min bike ride). Be a hipster and move to Mile End/Ex, like a sizeable group of law students do. Jean Talon market is great to have nearby. I thoroughly recommend not living in the McGill bubble. Enjoy Montreal and all the public transit options! (Well, safely). There is waaay more to the island than Crscent/Peel/Lower St Laurent Street.
  8. "Hmm, while I love playing accordion, I never actually stopped to think about who is my favorite accordion player! I generally love when bands integrate accordion in non traditional ways. Ever hear of of band "Beirut"? They're a great example!" It's OK to not answer directly if you're thrown off. It's also OK to not know an answer! Own it and continue the conversation!
  9. I'm surprised that you're having the exact opposite and thinking this is controversial. The interests questions are legit the softball questions that I gently lob to get people feeling comfortable. Especially for a litigation firm, I want a student that can have a basic conversation, especially if it's about their purported interest! Obvs some nerves are normal but these questions are warm ups before asking some critical thinking questions. There is a big difference between having a prepared anecdote vs dropping anecdotes that don't actually fit the question because the applicant panicked. Would you rather I start off with substantive law on issues that I know y'all haven't learned in law school!?
  10. There are so many topics about working in the States. I suggest looking through the many topics on the issue. Asking questions means there will be responses that you might not like. The commenter was asking philosophical reasons as to what you were looking for as you gave zero details until later. Note, not interested in a debate. Let's keep this thread on topic.
  11. You don't want to trust american law school employment statistics from the school. There are several cases of schools flat out inflating statistics by hiring students afterwards, etc. A law school with a 52% acceptance rate is a choice though. You can also look at lawschool numbers, which shows similar stats.
  12. Ryerson's law faculty will be renamed the Lincoln Alexander School of Law in honour of the late Lincoln Alexander. Neat!
  13. 30.9 is a good crc, especially for your first semester. It is possible to get accepted to some schools in that range. No specific undergrad prepares you for law school. I studied humanities and fine arts. Many different majors are represented in law school! You just need to balance how challenging it would be to leverage that degree into a job if you don't wind up in law school afterwards!
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