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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. And yeah I know...I wish my school let us redo classes (like if you got under C-, I have a friend in another law school who could). After my first D second semester and some other below average grades (Cs) I kinda shut down mentally....by the time I realized how effed I was...well half of law school went by. I have mostly Bs and Cs and 3 As (yay for those......) apart from the horrible Ds. So maybe that shows that i'm not a complete moron? I don't know. But I appreciate your blunt honesty Diplock, how I managed to scrape by to even do my bar..I'm grateful for that at least. And am definitely not lazy when it comes to actual work, hopefully I will be able to convey that, and show that I have learned from my past.
  2. So I passed my bar...yay! Now i'm in the equally daunting process of finding an articling position (in Montreal)...well daunting for me as I have no legal experience and honestly embarrassingly awful grades. Been applying since the summer, and finally got a call for an interview this week at as small firm (i think around 10 lawyers). Finally, someone wants to at least interview me....right? Anyways I just had a few questions so I can have some sort of plan for when i'm interviewed: 1. Do firms look at the complete application package we send them before they call us? I mean I sent my CV, cover letter, Bar transcript and University (University of Montreal) transcript. The only reason i'm asking is because as I've mentioned above my university grades sucked. I have a gpa of 2.4 and have like 6 Ds i think and failed 3 classes which I redid. The only reason I have a 2.4 is because I did a well in my first semester. I'm just worried they just looked at my C.V (I have work experience since the age of 16, in retail and banking but nothing exceptional) and decided they saw something and wanted to interview me based solely on that, without looking at my grades. I'm hoping I wont have to sit through an awkward situation of them initially liking me to a certain extent in person and then looking at my grades for the first time while they interview me and them going WTF at me...... which ties into question 2: 2. How do I explain bad grades? Like its not just the odd bad grades my whole transcript is obviously less than stellar. I dont have some great excuse for this. Honestly, I hated my school (only good thing was the great teachers), didn't really realize law would be this dry in some cases, and just wasnt motivated. I didn't love law enough to put in the effort, because hey i'm a lazy loser. Basically I didn't really try. I mean most classes that I got to pick were really interesting, I just didnt put in the time to study and wasnt mature enough to suck it up and forgo my social life for studying (which is EFFING stupid, i know). I'm really hard working and learn fast and it's really not like i'm stupid or don't know anything about law, i just didn't study enough. I am positive my transcript is not a reflection of my professional capacities. Should I just say that? I mean no amount of explaining will make bad grades go away? Any mention of existential life questions about me not really liking law or not knowing what i want to do with life is going to sound good right? At this point i'm invested and need an articling position and a job. Should I just be honest and say, I wasn't mature enough to maintain proper priorities during school and focused on other things (friends, working 20 hours a week, life), but that my transcript isn't a representation of what I can offer to this firm? 3. What do firms ask mostly during interviews, and how should I answer? Do they asked the dreaded why law question? How would any of you answer that? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer!
  3. Hey guys, I hope someone can offer a bit of advise for me... I graduated with a Baccalauréat en droit from université de Montréal, but honestly finished with a horrid gpa (2.4). I know i screwed up, couldn't keep myself motivated or in check and slacked off, hence the crappy gpa. I'm doing my quebec bar now, but I am getting increasingly nervous about job prospects. I know that with my grades getting a job in quebec in itself will be difficult, but now i can't even do a J.D. because i don't have the required gpa. This may be a stupid question but is there anyway to get a legal job (and not as a paralegal, nothing against them) outside of québec without a J.D. Is there something like just transferring your licence after passing the bar and becoming a member of the quebec barreau? I'm talking about maybe transferring to Ontario (maybe working in T.O if someone will take me). thanks for anyone who can help.
  4. Ok so this may be an unnecessary and stupid question but can McGill decide to revoke your acceptance if your grades drop in your last semester of CEGEP? I didn't get accepted yet so i know this is kinda stupid and premeditated but IF ever i do, i just wanted to know if they could take an acceptance back....i'm pretty sure my grades are going to drop so i dont want to be stuck if ever they revoke an acceptance..I got accepted elsewhere but I would need to let them know by June 1st so if I accept McGill only to find out they dont want me anymore...i would have nowhere to go.....
  5. thanks and its okay for the contact i understand... anyways i hope my interview goes well, but either way i'm studying law next fall so yay for me i guess haha..what about you, if not mcgill what undergrad are you planning on doing?
  6. Omg...thanks BrianDesigns..this is actually quite insightful...i didn't know you could ask for who your interviewer was.. I better call tomorrow to find out...this really helps. Is the person who emailed you someone you knew or someone from here? I wonder if I could ask him or her a few questions directly, but you don't have to tell me who it is, your reply is help enough As fro my stats: I have a 32 CRC at Marianopolis College in Honors Social Science in the Law and Social Justice Certificate My ECs include: -Model UN and attending 2 conferences -Went to a Darfur Crisis conference -Volunteered for Unicef at my school -Went to the PLQ commission jeunesse -was a representative of Marianopolis for the coalition des cegep anglophones -Volunteered at provincial elections for a PLQ candidate -volunteered at Héma-Québec blood drive at my school and I also was part of 2 sub committees of the Student Union at my school... My CRC is not incredible, and I know that but I worked all throughout CEGEP, working 20+ hours a week including weekends.. but I think what got me the interviews was really my ECs and PS...I worked really hard on those.... what about you? Did you get an interview? (sorry don't want to seem like I'm all that or anything for getting an interview..i'm genuinely curious)
  7. why is that of any importance? Age shouldn't really matter for this question....but whatever if you really need to know... i'm 19...
  8. Hey I just had a few quick questions... I am a Cegep student from montreal who got an interview and was wondering if any of you could give me a heads up on what type of questions they might ask...my teacher told me one of her students got asked about the canadian federalism while another got asked about their PS...so if any of you already had it, any advice would be much appreciated... Also after the interview how long does it take to be accepted or refused? or can cegep students also be waitlisted? Because I would need to reply at my other choices very soon... Also..I was wondering if my last semester was important for acceptance into McGill...because I've been overloaded with work and school that I kind of dropped in terms of grades this semester nothing drastic...just not as good as my last 3 semesters...I know other schools like UdeM only look at whether you pass or fail..but McGill sort of has their own rules so... I'm just kind of nervous if ever I get the chance to be accepted... And I know some of you hate us Cegep applicants at McGill but please refrain from any rude comments in those lines...it took a lot of hard thought about my future and life as a uni student so I hope you guys can understand... P.S: this board has been a great help for me in general so THANKS to all of you...
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