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  1. Book out a boardroom with pop and chips on a BD budget?
  2. some transferable skills: https://twitter.com/BadLegalLLP/status/491361350351065088?s=20
  3. I'm looking to get into this game called Dungeons & Dragons and am wondering if there are groups that meet up to play on Bay St, consisting of lawyers and other such folk. Serious question.
  4. Anyone have thoughts on the best place to get Samuelsohn MTM done in Toronto? And what is the starting price point on sale nowadays? Saw some posts referencing <$1000, but are those days well behind us now?
  5. Not sure about others but Stikes was from Montreal and expanded from ground up into Toronto. Similarities are there. Just different decade. Draw what conclusions you will.
  6. Bennett Jones Toronto is a case in point as to how successful / unsuccessful such attempts by newcomers have been in recent years.
  7. Incorporation for tax purposes as an associate in Biglaw practice. Seems it rarely happens…why is that the case? And is it possible?
  8. also check Novae Res Urbis...every December for the past 10+ years, they have been ranking municipal/planning/development firms in the GTA and Toronto. keep in mind this is more property development (e.g., residential, commercial, etc.), rather than infrastructure/energy.
  9. Rumour has it that another sister bumped up to New York scale
  10. bonuses are where the difference in compensation comes in. some firms top out at 10%. others top out at 30%
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