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  1. Hi Everyone For those who have been accepted could you please post your gpa ? Is this gpa out of 4.0 or 4.3 I noticed some people got in with a 3.7 and wanted to know if this is a 3.7 out of 4.0 or 4.3 thank you
  2. hi guys sorry to hear the bad news but what was your gpa before blended ? and what program did you guys study? thanks
  3. Hi everyone I just want to know if a blended GPA is very different from one's GPA and how much the LSAT affects the blended score Could everyone post their: Entering GPA LSAT final score and Oz's blended GPA for you Thank you so much.
  4. For all of those who have heard word from UofT, could you please state your stats: GPA: X LSAT: Y Work/ECs/misc.: Z Any other comments: Thanks!
  5. thanks for the quick replies!... ...but, i wanted to clarify one little thing: the cGPA includes all courses attempted, even summer courses, correct? Thanks again
  6. just one last thing: someone in another post was referring to a "w" on her transcript. could someone clarify what this is... thanks once again, newbie pre-law
  7. hi all, quick question... when uoft considers your gpa, are summer courses also included, or are they looked at but separately (if considered at all)? also, how many years do they look at, for your gpa, if completing a four year degree? lastly, is it likely that they will consider someone who had a terrible first year, then excellent 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year (to come), excellent lsat score (range: 170 and above), good work experience, and some Ecs/volunteer work (actually very little)? thanks, newbie pre-law
  8. Hey guys.. I'm looking at buying some LSAT prep books.. .I'm looking for a book with some good strategies in tackling the LSAT.. any suggestions??
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