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  1. For some reason I can't edit the original post, so I just wanted to leave a note saying that the apartment has been subletted. Thanks to those who replied.
  2. Hey, I haven't actually been on this forum to post in a couple of years, but I thought it might be a good place to post to find a non-delinquent subletter. My partner and I are spending the summer in Boston and we want to sublet our Toronto apartment (from May 1 - August 31). It's an air conditioned two bedroom in a nice, small building. Location is fantastic: Eglinton and Bathurst, across the street from Eglinton West subway station - I worked downtown and it's a 20 minute commute on the subway. Park also across the street, local shops and restaurants all along Eglinton. Apartment has a dishwasher and is fully furnished. There is also a treadmill which the subletter would be welcome to use. I've attached some photos below. One bedroom has a double bed, the other has a large desk and a double futon which is very comfy and can either be a couch or a bed. Subletter must be responsible, quiet (i.e. if you want to have friends over for pre-bar shots every weekend, this isn't the place for you) and clean. Note the cat in the photos won't be there for the summer... Some pictures: If you're interested in more details, send me a PM.
  3. I chose Osgoode over U of T. However I don't really have anything bad to say about U of T - I have a lot of friends there who love it. Osgoode was just a better fit for me, and being in second year I can safely say I made the right decision.
  4. Let's not get petty, here. If you want to talk about what is inappropriate at law school, personal attacks are right at the top of the list. AngelThane is making an argument. You may not feel it has validity, but the argument is not completely unreasonable and this kind of reaction is unnecessary. You might not agree, and should feel free to argue strenuously, but Angel should not be personally attacked for making a legal argument. Although I do not share Angel's exact views on the matter, I believe there is an important role in our society for people who, like Angel, strive to hold the criminal law to a high standard in terms of having justifiable grounds to charge a person with a crime. I believe the point Angel is making is that our society draws a line between wanting to commit a crime and doing it, and Angel is making the technical argument that since no child was involved, the crime was not committed. I believe the involvement of children in the question is making some people a little less than objective. Think of it in another way: if someone decided to kill their spouse, went home with a knife, and stabbed a pillow underneath a duvet believing it was the spouse and hoping to kill them, have they committed a crime? I already posted my opinion on the legal matter in the thread in the General forum.
  5. I think it might be a good idea for Ottawa. It shows that you're actually comfortable in French and might distinguish you from other candidates who say they're fluent but don't demonstrate it. This is assuming of course you are actually comfortable in French. It's obviously important that you get the French section proofread too, along with the rest of your PS.
  6. They would definitely make an exception for a diabetic, but you might need to bring a note from your doctor. Technically, earplugs are considered a "study aid" and are not supposed to be allowed. I have heard from some people that the proctors at their test centre didn't care, though.
  7. This sounds like more of a family lawyer question than a family law student question. Maybe just email one of the profs who teaches family law at Dal?
  8. I think this is always a hard question to answer - I've heard different people express widely varying opinions on this question. There's a tradition of stength in constitutional law due to people like Hogg, Monahan, etc. There is also a solid criminal program, with people like Alan Young and programs like the Criminal Intensive program. I've heard many people say Osgoode is known for its strength in business courses and in black letter law in general. Then again I've also heard some people call Oz a "left-leaning" school with lots of socially oriented classes. In reality I think it's a mix of all of the above. Because Oz is by far the largest school in Canada, they have a lot more classes to choose from and a lot of profs on staff. The greatest strength is probably the ability to be solid in a wide variety of areas.
  9. My advice is don't use them. Going to class/doing the readings and then making your own outline is the most effective strategy. Failing that, get an outline from someone who took the course with that prof, using the same casebook. Commercial outlines probably won't give you what your specific prof is looking for, will likely use different cases, etc. etc. Big waste of time and money, in my humble opinion.
  10. Sorry birdie, I wish I could tell you. As I said, I didn't go and I don't remember anyone else talking about whether they brought dates. Maybe one of the healthier upper years can help you on this question.
  11. Hah! You know you post too much on this forum when... I actually can't be of much help. I unfortunately had a cold during orientation last year (I never get them in winter, only summer...don't ask me why) so I skipped most of the evening events in the interests of recovery and being able to wake up before noon the next day. My guess is that you'll be able to get away with a wide range of outfits at the semi-formal, although I would definitely err on the side of "semi." My guess is that a big poofy prom dress would be overkill - a little black dress would suit, as would a nice skirt and top. Guys can definitely get away with pants and a jacket, or even pants and a dress shirt. Then again, if you've been waiting to bust out that big gown or that velvet tuxedo, who am I to stand in the way of fashion? 8) As for the first day, a lot of people who had lockers brought clothes to change into before heading downtown. Even then the dress code down there wasn't heavy - just wear something you wouldn't mind a judge seeing you in. Personally I just wore a skirt and a nice top the whole day.
  12. There is also a place on Keele, between Finch and Sheppard. It's either a No Frills or a Food Basics, but I forget which. Cheap prices, although the store isn't a huge one. It's only about 10 minutes from York on the bus, though.
  13. Personally I think it's obnoxious and maybe even pretentious, but it's personal preference and I'm not on an adcomm. I'd ask yourself this - are you using the quote because you think it'd be good to open your PS with a quote? Or are you using it because it honestly speaks to who you are, your goals, your philosophy, etc? Your personal statement is supposed to reflect you are, and I see using a quote as an easy way out - letting someone else's words speak for you. If you are set on using the quote I'd give your PS to 5 or 6 different people (preferably professionals or people with some experience with this sort of thing, not your friends or family) and get their honest reaction.
  14. Yeah, one guy in my section who lived in Passy used to run home and change his laundry loads during the 10-minute break in the middle of a two-hour class. You can't beat it for convenience.
  15. I'm not sure, although I know it's considered part of "registration." I'd recommend paying today if you can, to avoid hassle, although I'm sure nothing catastrophic will happen if you pay tomorrow or next week. Talking to Penny or someone in student services is probably a good idea.
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