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  1. I thought a law firm should pay for the membership, no?
  2. Hi everyone, I was asked to provide two writing samples. It is the first time I am asked for it. I did not write anything for publication. Would something from law school ( graduated several years ago) be appropriate or write something for this specific purpose? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  3. May I ask you how to look for a position like you have. Looking to leave private practice as I cannot balance my life.
  4. I have a question regarding type of work. I switched firms and in my new firm, which is a Commercial Real Estate firm, have to do lots of clerical things such as doing accounts, cheques, envelopes etc. These things take crazy amount of my time. I feel like instead of focusing on legal work, I constantly calculate accounts and doing cheques. In my previous firm, which was a bit smaller and with small clients I never touched those things. Huge amount of work, very high expectations to do everything very fast, very big clients, not enough staff, and no proper division of work between young lawyers and law clerks I would appreciate any thoughts on this topic.
  5. Could you please elaborate a bit on “insanely boring”?
  6. I think it is a good point 😆
  7. I am more interested in a solicitor type of work. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, Can anyone comment on securities law practice please? What do you like/not like in this area of law? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, what is the average salary for a 1st year associate in a small firm in midtown Toronto? Is 50k with no benefits reasonable? Looks to me like a very small salary. thanks
  10. Thanks! While I spent lots of time networking, I found this position through an advertisement. I actually got two articling offers same week!
  11. Thank you! I am very excited! It is a small firm in Toronto. They do what I was looking for: business, estates, tax planning, franchise and real estate.
  12. Did not check my topic. Thanks for advice. I got an articling position.
  13. Hello, Does anyone know what is average wage for an articling student at a small law firm/ sole practitioner in Mississauga. I was asked this question by one sole practitioner, but I do not have any idea how much. Thank you!
  14. Oh I see. That's why lawyers are so inflexible and cannot schedule an interview at a comfortable to both people time. Because they also have families and kids. Weird logic
  15. My child will go to daycare when I start articling. I think it is obvious. If I do not have a job, i do not have money to pay for nanny or daycare. Everything will be arranged to provide best services possible to clients.
  16. we are people, right? And we do have other responsibilities. I have a small child, and I cannot come anytime. I try, but sometimes it is just not possible. I kindly ask people to reschedule. The market is so bad that even scheduling to a different time is considered as not enough interest. If a person sends me an email late night on Tuesday and wants me to come on Wednesday with no possibility to reschedule - is it reasonable?
  17. the market is awful. I am a recent graduate from Osgoode with decent marks (lots of volunteering but no legal work experience). Lawyers are often rude and behave like you are sh**. If they call me for an interview and I say I cannot come at this specific time, they refuse to reschedule and say that your application will not be considered. Very bad market, or I am quite unlucky. It seems that not only me.
  18. Thank you for your input. I do not mention my kid at any interview (mentioned previously, but not now, I know very stupid). I only mention if I want to demonstrate certain skills such as time management, but again I try to avoid it. I had lots of interviews, but people ask me why I did not work during summer. When I explain I had a child, then they ask me how I am going to balance a small child and work as articling is not 9 to 5, and never call me back.
  19. Thank you so much for your replies. There is a lot to think about! For sure, I have areas of interest, but I am also open to opportunities and do not want to limit myself to one-two areas of law I have an interest in. Saying this, I never apply to the firms that provide services in the areas of law I have no interest and no background.
  20. Thank you. I am ready to work hard. My child is an explanation of the lack of summer jobs, but for sure not the reason to not work hard. I need some advice/help with how to look for articling and how to network. I met with lawyers in my 3rd year, tried to network, but nothing came out of it. I do not have any idea what else (and how) I can do.
  21. thank you. My child will go to daycare once I start articling. I just need to find it first. I mentioned a child since I want to explain that I almost do not have work experience and never had a chance to work during law school, which may also be the reason why I face difficulty in securing an articling position.
  22. Hi everyone, I am a recent graduate (2016) and still did not secure articling. I tried to network, but, unfortunately, never had enough time for coffee with lawyers, never had time to properly network... I also never worked during law school as I had a child born in my second year. Now I am faced with an awful reality with the child on my hands and no articling. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!!!! I am planning to start cold calling ( could not start earlier as it impossible to do it with my child), and I am applying and applying. I have B average and some valuable experiences at law school. I went through articling process for 2017-2018 and did not get an articling position(( I am in Toronto, btw. Thank you!
  23. Could you please tell what in-firms you applied to?
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