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  1. So you are saying that salaried employees are not entitled to OT. It is absolutely wrong. Salaried employees get paid for OT, it just some professions are exempt including lawyers. Salary is calculated based on the required hours (35 or 40 hours a week) and if you work more, you are compensated for it. Why lawyers are not entitled to is probably because the salary was so high in the past that it would compensate for all overtimes. This is not true anymore.
  2. I can't agree. If you are paid a salary, it does not mean you have to give up on your life and family for that salary. This is unreasonable. And yes, when you work long hours every day and you get more and more work and longer hours while getting the same salary, your extra hours are not paid, which means you work those hours for free. That's why there is overtime pay exist. You put extra hours and get nothing in return.
  3. Well the answer is no. Probably because I work in a small firm.
  4. This reflects my point as well. There are expectations from employers that you should be available all the time, that you stay late and come early, but these extra hours are never compensated. You pretty much work extra hours for free and you are expected to do so.
  5. The question is easy. Are people free? Are people forced to spend hours and hours without rest and seeing their families to meet corporate demands? That's why it is called modern slavery by many people.
  6. Unlike in Europe, there is no life/work balance in Canada. But why lawyers and articling students are not entitled to (and not only lawyers but other professions): minimum wage daily or weekly limits on hours of work daily rest periods time off between shifts weekly/bi-weekly rest periods eating periods overtime pay sick leave, family responsibility leave or bereavement leave, if taking the leave would be professional misconduct or abandoning your duty public holidays or public holiday pay vacation with pay Salary in small firms does not allow you to have comfortable life, but you are asked to work long hours and sacrifice your life for that small salary. Noone cares whether you have a family and kids, you have to be in the office for at least 10 hours. Why are many lawyers forced to work long hours without getting paid well for it? Why is it legal to be overworked and not be compensated for it? How it happened that this modern slavery became a norm?
  7. I thought a law firm should pay for the membership, no?
  8. Hi everyone, I was asked to provide two writing samples. It is the first time I am asked for it. I did not write anything for publication. Would something from law school ( graduated several years ago) be appropriate or write something for this specific purpose? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  9. May I ask you how to look for a position like you have. Looking to leave private practice as I cannot balance my life.
  10. I have a question regarding type of work. I switched firms and in my new firm, which is a Commercial Real Estate firm, have to do lots of clerical things such as doing accounts, cheques, envelopes etc. These things take crazy amount of my time. I feel like instead of focusing on legal work, I constantly calculate accounts and doing cheques. In my previous firm, which was a bit smaller and with small clients I never touched those things. Huge amount of work, very high expectations to do everything very fast, very big clients, not enough staff, and no proper division of work between young lawyers and law clerks I would appreciate any thoughts on this topic.
  11. Could you please elaborate a bit on “insanely boring”?
  12. I think it is a good point 😆
  13. I am more interested in a solicitor type of work. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, Can anyone comment on securities law practice please? What do you like/not like in this area of law? Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, what is the average salary for a 1st year associate in a small firm in midtown Toronto? Is 50k with no benefits reasonable? Looks to me like a very small salary. thanks
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