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  1. Well I did go to ubc for my undergrad and the 81.9 CGPA is the percentage that shows up automatically when I tell the ssc website to calculate my average (the system does it for me so less of a chance of me making an error) I am thinking they are just being extra cautious with the info they gave out. This information was not something I even asked about, I was talking to admissions on an unrelated matter. Based on the #of applications this appears to be a down year all law schools across the board so I can't imagine this being a more competitive year than usual, and like I mentioned based on previous years stats scores like mine should be hearing within the next couple of months. I've been too focused preparing for the march lsat to really worry about ubc too much. I hope it happens but if it doesn't I'll have a better lsat score for next year.
  2. I was emailing the admissions team earlier this month and they told me I was on the waiting list, others have gotten in with my score in the past but no guarantees. They said I'd likely hear from them late in the summer so around August or July but Judging from last year's admission class though I think. I'll hear back sooner (march - may) Lsat 166 CGPA with drops at 81.9 So take from that what you will. For now I am planning on rewriting the lsat to see I can't get into a T14 school in the states.
  3. Uvic. Just called me. Got an offer. Cgpa: 80.1% Lsat 166 So they're moving! I'm anticipating getting an offer from UBC (knock on wood) and having a tough decision to make.
  4. I have a similar profile CGPA w.drops 81.9% Lsat: 166 I applied to both the regular and discretionary category. I have extensive work experience in a relevant industry, negotiating multi-million dollars contracts. My preference would be to make it in as a regular candidate to open up discretionary spots for those whose performance GPA and LSAT wise were truly impacted by issues other than being a full time worker. I hope to meet all you you at the Point Grey Campus this fall.
  5. I got a call from Osgoode today, they have plucked my application out of the WL pool and have handed me a seat at Osgoode Hall. Still mulling over whether or not to accept. Just wanted to give hope to those on the Wait List. My stats for those who might care. LSAT: 162 GPA: 3.7 ish (don't know what the OLSAS true conversion is) BEST 2: 3.67 Last 2: 3.4-3.5 EC's: Volunteering, Sports, Co-Op. I have also been out of school for a couple of years, working as a corporate slave. I am a corporate slave but a well paid slave, hard to give that up for 3 more years of school so we shall see.
  6. Would it not make more sense to get a law degree in a Civil Law School if you wish to practice in Asia?
  7. MBA's are quite useless without a supplementary professional degree. Law qualifies (but the route is not typical). Perhaps western girl thinks an MBA could put her on the fast track to partnership at whatever firm she ends up working at? It would be funny if some of you chiding her right now end up working under her.
  8. So, I would conclude that the change in formula, if there is even a change, has almost no impact and can basically be disregarded. More important factors to worry about are: how many applicants are there this year and how many spots are going to be available? quote] Ben: While you are correct that changing the index ratio up and down alters everyone's scores the same way, the magnitude of the change is completely dependant on the LSAT score. Those with great LSAT scores are rewarded by a rising lsat multiple and punished by a decreasing lsat multiple, moreso than those with average LSAT scores. So while a decreasing multiple may mean that the cutoff score also decreases it also changes who among the candidates is above the cutoff and who is not. In short, it is possible to have Candidates A and B and have "A" accepted and "B" rejected under one multiple and the other way around with a different multiple.
  9. Well guys, I think we can safely assume that the only ones getting admitted right now are those who meet the "new" PA policy and whose files were missing key pieces of information ( ie. a transcript). I think those who had met the criteria under the older, stated policy need not fret because according to the charts you still have an excellent chance of getting accepted provided your soft factors are decent. I can sense alot of anxiety around this and I would venture that 80% of it is due to a new process which we cannot predict. We can only grasp as to what we think the policy is, but in the end such arguments serve only to pass time until we get the answer we seek from the only source that matters.
  10. I thought they used your summer courses to fill up your missing fall/winter semester credits.
  11. Congrats! That's surprising because the Osgoode website says that the admissions office closes at 4:30 pm. Dom could be a Newfie.
  12. From reading the document that outlines the new admissions policy Osgoode passed it was pretty clear to me (and everyone else on the board, for that matter) how the policy worked. Your file would be read to the extent necessary to determine if you had a gpa of 3.7+ in your best two years and an LSAT in the 80th percentile or better and if you did, you'd be offered admission. Now, if they have changed that policy (which, btw, I confirmed was in effect a few months ago), then that's another matter. But, assuming they are employing this particular version of the presumptive admit policy, then it's pretty clear that the round of presumptive admit offers should not be over. After speaking with this person, I was told that they only used the best two years to screen the initial candidates and that admission was based on more than that. It would not hurt to follow up with admissions, siting that particular clause in their admissions policy when asking for an update.
  13. Sorry but everyone has that. That seems incompatible with the information that they will be sending out more offers throughout the week. It might, the person I was speaking to already contradicted him/herself at least once in my conversation with them. I took it to mean that either those people who have pending information which could put them in the PA category could be admitted later this week if their info came in OR that they would start admitting those who fell just out of the PA category as their full files are read. Again they do not really give up much.
  14. clearly they must be "ambiguous" since about 10 ppl above you haven't heard and meet the presumptive admit policy. Rather than checking my spelling (thank you by the way, I will be sure to consult you on my papers if I were to run into you at law school) You might want to consider that either the presumptive admission policy is not what you think it is or that Osgoode made a mistake. I can only report what I have been told. I asked the person if all first round admissions were finished and the person responded that they will get the " last ones out" today. It could very well mean that there are multiple rounds of "presumptive" admissions so I followed up with a question about what will be done with the remaining candidates. The person told me their assessment would be based on their entire file. Take from that what you will.
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