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  1. Bird Co-Op would be good if you didn't need to do cardio. (UBC is a beautiful campus so doing cardio outdoors isn't a bad idea) Off-campus at anytime fitness would be my 2nd choice.
  2. What a tough situation, I feel ya bud. Perhaps there are non traditional loans (I've been working on improving my credit too and have been inundated with emails from non bank entities after my credit score started rising about various loans)
  3. I would recommend you talk to a credit union. They are a bit more flexible with their loans.
  4. I think all lines of credit are floating. Law School is a big commitment no matter how you slice it. If you have to take on loans to do it, I think flexibility on how much you have to pay each month weighs more than the overall interest accrued. Ideally you make more than the minimum payment each month and thus payoff your loan faster but you can also use that extra liquidity every month to invest in things that return higher than prime + .5%
  5. You don't have to make just the minimum payments and you can pay it off whenever you want. It's just flexibility to go over 25 years vs 10-15 is appealing to me because I know cashflow is a major concern when you are first starting off. It's better to have smaller mandatory payments then bigger mandatory payments.
  6. For folks in Alberta ATB Financial seems to be offering a PSLOC . 125K Total Prime + .5% Interest Free for 1 year after Graduation. Their key selling factor is a 25 year payback period meaning, your monthly payments are likely to to be lower with these folks vs Scotia which is 10-15 and RBC which is 25. Just another option out there for those trying to square their funding at the moment.
  7. US Big Law is a gamble. If you don't win the VISA lottery you are left trying to pay US Legal Costs with Canadian Legal Salaries
  8. I had the same issue and just emailed admissions, we worked it out. I just accepted the offer via email anyway
  9. I am not based in Vancouver but I can certainly tutor you over skype. I am in Calgary right now but will move to Vancouver in August to attend ubc law.
  10. I don't know how you aren't in already. I got an offer with a 166 lsat and a 3.7 GPA (80%) it jumps up to 81.9 with the drops. I am rewriting the lsat though and if I hit 170+ I'm going to Columbia
  11. Fair enough. You do have to pay a premium for reliability. That being said if it's just used for writing the exams and papers a 500 dollar laptop (on sale at 350) would do the trick. As long as it had enough memory (8 gigs) and storage space (500 gigs). I also don't know if ubc requires us to install software on it for exam purposes so that may impact the mac vs windows discussion.
  12. Laptops are cheap these days guys. You can get one that suits your purposes for 350 bucks or less. 1500 means you're looking at a desktop replacement which is probably overkill for law
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