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  1. I’m sure students will be sending their updated marks to help better their chances. There has been rumours of another wave for awhile now so I am honestly not sure. It is hard to say whether there will be a wave or just individual acceptances here and there as I’m sure the seats are getting less and less.
  2. Hey! When I received an email that my application was under review it stated that they would take new grades/transcripts as they were made available. I would definitely send them your updated transcript and they will just add it to your file. If you had higher grades this semester it could also bump up your L2 GPA.
  3. LSAT- 152 (lsat flex killed my spirits 😬) GPA(with drops)- 3.95/4.3 LORs- came from two highly esteemed professors for my undergrad. Volunteering with a local soup kitchen/mental health initiative. Lots of work experience through my undergrad, specifically a year as a TA. Maritime resident, born and raised in NS/NB, graduated high school on a small island in NB (may have worked in my favour), completed my undergraduate in NS, so I haven’t left the maritimes. Good luck to those waitlisted and those still waiting to hear! 😊
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