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  1. Hey, just curious when were you referred to the admissions committee? Sounds like you have great experience by the way, wishing you luck!
  2. Still waiting here myself... Just got a notification a few week ago that my file was missing one transcript from my MA institution and then nothing since... I know this may be reading into things too deeply, but does anyone know if that is a good sign? Or rather just an automatic system update of sorts?
  3. Aww... for sure not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for the intel! @Smithton
  4. I have had my application "referred to the admissions committee" since Feb. 26th... I have spoken with one of the secretaries when I wrote to follow-up (she was super nice) and was told that their admissions team is super small and that they are doing their best to get around to all of the files... Fingers crossed...
  5. Waitlisted on April 6th CGPA: 3.5 LSAT: 144, 151 Strong LORs Many years of professional experience in politics, NGOs and volunteerism. Fingers crossed. Does anyone have any rough idea how many waitlist offers are handed-out by Ryerson?
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