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  1. Hi all! Does anyone have any idea as to what French course they may take soon to fulfill a French condition they were given with their acceptance? I know that any course offered this summer won't be nearly as immersive as those of previous years given that it'll be delivered online, but I wondered whether anybody had some courses in mind that they've been told are good. As of right now, I'm eyeing a remote course from UQAM (https://langues-en-continu.uqam.ca/cours/communication-ecrite-efficace-et-revision-grammaticale/), but I haven't verified whether it'll do the trick. The floor is also open to McGill law alums who took French summer courses in previous years--I know we have some awesome frequent posters who know quite a bit. Everyone can also feel free to discuss any tactics they've been employing to build up their French skills for September .
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