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  1. Update - I emailed again asking if they could let me know my cGPA as per Allard Law, and they said it hasn’t been calculated yet and may take another 2-3 weeks. I think my low-ish January LSAT along with my complicated undergrad history put me lower in the list to even look at? Anyway, just wanted to share for others also waiting.
  2. Thank you for your reply and thoughtful comments. I have emailed again to ask for my Allard Law Admissions official GPA as it seems that it will be the deciding factor. In the meantime, I will reconcile with tackling that LSAT again and applying again next year with a score more representative of my skills!
  3. Very interesting! I understood that to mean that one can only apply as discretionary if the applicant “may not satisfy one or more of the requirements for General applicants”. Since I still satisfy all the requirements for general applicants (and then some), I felt I was only allowed to apply as general. The wording of the discretionary category is not very clear, particularly for a law school. Thank you for letting me know! Maybe next year then...
  4. Hi everyone! I was a late decider in applying to Law School for 2021, and it was a scramble. I still don't totally understand all the different factors for admission for each school. If anyone can answer some of the questions below, I'd be grateful! This is torture. My application was a bit complicated, as I am a mature student and finished my undergrad in 2006. My undergrad was unique in that it was part of a partnership between SAIT and U of Calgary. This seems to have had very negative effects on my cGPA calculations at some schools (i.e. OLSAS) because they don't include my 2 years at SAIT where I had a 4.0 cGPA. That left me with a sad little 3.31 cGPA because I had some oopsies in my very first year of Uni when I thought I wanted to do life sciences (big mistake - huge). And yet, LSAC did calculate using my marks at SAIT, and gave me a 3.73 cGPA (3.8 degree GPA). In addition, I have taken courses since then over the years and always gotten A's...but it seems that nothing counts once your degree was awarded? *How did you find out what your cGPA was as per the Allard Law method of calculation?* I also had a very disappointing LSAT experience, as I had to miss the November LSAT writing due to a freak winter storm closing all roads. I had to then use my January attempt as my only attempt, and I only scored 162 despite consistently scoring 168-175 in PTs in the months before. Darn anxiety! *Is a 162 first and only attempt LSAT score just never going to be enough for UBC?* I had to apply general category as UBC does not have a mature category, so my 15 years of work and life experience are not an asset to Allard LS. I think I had a strong PS but we all know how subjective that is. I was also concerned that my January LSAT writing put me totally out of the race, so I emailed to follow up on my application last week. Today the reply I got was as such: "Your file is complete and it is under process of evaluation. You will receive an email of the decision by May." No mention of being waitlisted. Do you think I should I read this response as, "Your application is rejected but we wait until May to send out rejections"? And accept my fate and start looking for a new permanent job? I want to be realistic, as I am back living in Saskatchewan after losing my job due to the pandemic and preparing for a move to Vancouver during this bizarre time will be a big challenge. Thank you for reading my worry-deluge. TL;DR - Is this a lost cause with LSAT 162 and possibly cGPA around 75% worst case and 90% best case?
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