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  1. I volunteered at my university's legal clinic pre-covid and shadowed a professor as he worked through family-law related cases to expose myself to more areas. I wasn't sure if that was the way to go, or to just focus on one area of law but in hindsight, and with what you guys said, I think it worked out well. Thank you so much, you guys made me feel a lot better.
  2. Thank you so much for the link and for your pep talk, I really needed it. I won't shy away from the extra work if it needs to be done, but the stigma is what's causing most of my anxiety. As long as I can get my foot in the door I'll be relieved. Decisions, decisions. Sigh... Thanks again!
  3. No, I haven't been limiting myself to this specific area mainly because it's rare and still so new. There are a few law firms here (UK) that offer training contracts focused on this area and I held onto it with all my might, specially since it's so competitive too. I do however have other interests like international arbitration, banking law (pissed off that I couldn't find a spot in that class), and immigration and asylum aid which I have some experience in. I realise that these are still not the conventional routes but I find the others unbearable tbh. I do better when it's international-related for some reason, but I've done well in others too. I tried to be interested in the mainstream to at least get my foot in the door but my adhd-riddled brain literally turns the lights off at the sight of something I find boring. Despite the actual physical strain that'll push inside my brain I'm open to the idea of widening my parameters.
  4. No, I remember them announcing it and me being frustrated that it'll be after I'm done but I don't remember specifics.
  5. I didn't know about that. But I already missed out on the training contracts for this year and lost the firm I've been after... Thanks for the idea though, I'll still look into it.
  6. Hi all, before anyone says anything, I'm unfortunately aware of the stigma surrounding Canadians who go abroad to study law and then come back. That was never my plan and I'm still trying my best to stay in the UK. Very long story short: I've been among the top in my class throughout the program, participated in several workshops and earned certificates/qualifications to stand out, progressed so far into the hiring process for a niche* area of law only to be rejected so close to the end. Of course they all give the same reply, "we don't have the time to tell you why etc etc", but I managed to get a response from one of the firms. They flat out told me I was a very good fit for their training contract but they don't want to sponsor my visa because of the "financial situation the pandemic has put them in". My student visa will expire at the end of the summer and I'll be forced to travel back home and work twice as hard, if not more, to find my footing. I haven't touched my books in 2 weeks. I developed insomnia, I don't eat, and I don't even want to finish the semester anymore. 2 months away from graduating and it was all just pointless. I'm sure a lot of law students are in the same position right now but the fact that I'll have to go back home and face the stigma after all the hard work I've poured into the degree crushes my spirit. I was so proud of my accomplishments but now all I feel is anxiety and shame (idk why I feel shame tbh). I don't know where to look for guidance. I don't know whether I should move back to Canada and go through the hassle and the stigma to be licensed or not. I'm contemplating Osgoode's International Business Law but I don't have experience to be able to specialise (which is something I wanted to do after being in the field first) Also, academia does interest me a bit and I hope to teach at the university level in the future. The beginning of my career was right there almost within reach and it got yanked away. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm running out of time and I don't know where to look for help because I didn't foresee a damn pandemic standing between me and my goal. *integrating AI into the legal sector (banking and finance, broadly speaking).
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