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  1. I think at this point, I would sacrifice my pinky toe to get an update.
  2. Didn't call you a liar b, just pointing out facts. Good job again, I'm happy you got in.
  3. Wierd, I thought discretionary apps were just being looked at. Congrats 1 spot down, 19 too go......
  4. Nope. Gunna go stare out the window a bit more
  5. Still pending. Still hitting refresh. I hope we see some movement today
  6. That's wierd. That's suspicious
  7. Just sending out good vibes to everybody still waiting to hear, and those that got accepted. Congrats! Beautiful day out in BC today Some of us will get in this year, and some of us will be back stronger next year Enjoy your weekend HUUUUUU!
  8. Right on person! I'm proud of you. Your doing great.
  9. I just went Pending Special App. Applied end of Jan LFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
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