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  1. I'm also still under review with a 166 LSAT (january), not sure about my cgpa but UBC calculated it at 84.2
  2. I actually can't access it so i don't know. I was never emailed my log-in information and when i contacted them asking for it the admission officer just stated i would be waitlisted. However she said in the email i wouldn't receive confirmation of being waitlisted until as late as May
  3. I sent them an email because i was having trouble logging into my application portal and they provided an update on my status for me!
  4. I've just been repeating to myself that no news is good news but no news is also very distressing 😫
  5. Has anyone else's application been stuck on 'under review' for months? My status hasn't changed since February 9
  6. my index score is barely above the auto-admit threshold (92.11) and they let me know two weeks ago I would be waitlisted I thought my personal statement was strong too. However, I did apply at the last minute and I wrote the January LSAT
  7. My index is 92.11 - LSAT score was a 166, and 84.20% GPA (confirmed by UBC). They let me know two weeks ago I would be waitlisted
  8. I received an email to a response last week saying i will be waitlisted in April/May. They confirmed my cgpa is 84.2%, my lsat score was a 166, self-calculated index 92.111
  9. i applied in January as well and have not heard back UBC calculated my GPA at 84.2 (confirmed by them) and my LSAT written in january was 166.
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