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  1. I'm also wondering where you heard this
  2. As someone who has only been accepted to Dual thus far and is struggling to find a job, I'm starting to think Dual will be my only shot at pursuing a JD
  3. Still waiting as well but not hopeful. 3.37 cGPA, 3.71 L2, 157 LSAT
  4. I am in the process of applying for scholarships. After inputting info about my identity and circumstances, I am taken to a page where I choose the awards I am applying for but there is nothing there. Even automatic consideration will not work for me. Do I need to have accepted my offer to apply for scholarships? Is anyone else having an issue like this?
  5. Was recently accepted to Windsor Dual JD program. This school is not my first choice but I will take what I can get after being denied at 3 other Ontario schools. For those who attend the Dual JD program or will be in the fall, how are you funding this? Have you secured a LOC that is high enough to cover tuition, rent, food? I plan on taking OSAP but OSAP is not offering much in comparison to the cost of attending. Any helpful information is appreciated, thank you.
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