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  1. Hey! For those interested you can send me a direct message, I completed my interview yesterday and it went great. For me I did not have good cop bad cop. It was short, but I think that was specific to my circumstances (I can talk about that too). Know your current events, that helped me a ton! P.S. I'm actually a gal did not know I came off as a guy through typing lol. Also unlike other programs there is no NDA
  2. I didn't get a call, I got it through email I am also not sure but I feel like it would be around 30/40 people, because you got to choose a time slot and there were about that many available
  3. Got an interview earlier this week! R-score: 37+ CV: I think it was good. I was really involved in CEGEP. Ps: It was quite personal. I put in a lot of effort and I think it came across. LoRs: I had the opportunity to read them and they were super sweet . Comments: pretty hyped but nervous....what a crazy time. Sending good vibes to everyone on this forum, hopefully we'll all be together in class next year.
  4. I have! I got contacted on Tuesday (the day I think you made this post). They gave us interviews for April 6-9.
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