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  1. Hi, Did anyone successfully transfer from uOttawa to OZ? How was the process like? Did we need reference letters? Who did you contact for the good standing letter? Is it worth it? Regrets? Success stories? Thank you xD
  2. Best advice I got was to relax! So thankful I did because burn out is real.....I know it seems exciting or even nerve wracking so you want to be prepared, but honestly, it's more of a learn as you experience type of thing rather than a prepare beforehand and you'll be better off. I had no clue about anything politics or criminal or anything really, but I did just fine you got in for a reason, believe in that. I know students who prepped like crazy who got worse marks because they burnt out in the middle of November vs students who relaxed had so much energy to pour into studies - personal opinion though so it honestly differs
  3. Current uOttawa student here, although I am not aware of your personal statement and other holistic factors, I got in with similar stats last year (I'm think it was probably lower), so don't lose hope!
  4. Hi everyone! Hope your are having an amazing day! :) Looking for some wisdom and tips here I would love to work at a big law firm, and as a current 1L at uOttawa, I was hoping to receive some wisdom on what I can do NOW till the recruit period to better my chances! I have a few good corporate experiences from undergrad and my grades in undergrad are pretty good. So far, I've been working on the following: my grades! Currently, I am sitting at B+ average, but hoping to improve on a few of the classes I neglected networking - I have been networking with a few people from big law but nothing too special & networking with professors for reference letters summer? WHAT DO I DO FOR SUMMER? ECs: joined 1-2 (working with a lawyer and advocacy work) Anyways, I feel like nothing I am doing is really making me stand apart and I feel so mediocre. I would love to get some advice on what I can do to better prepare myself or increase my chances :) Thank you in advance xx
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