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  1. If it helps, I was average in 1L and slightly below average in the first semester of 2L (from Allard). I was able to land a job at a large national firm in Vancouver. I had 3 OCIs, so I focused on attaining a high conversion ratio of OCIs to in-firms to put myself back in the game. Because I lacked a high quantity of OCIs, I was able to spend more time and research on each individual firm. This knowledge came through when asked the "why our firm?" question, and when I was given the chance to ask the recruiters my own questions. My advice is to work on what you can now to put forth a rounded application, and when the time comes, make sure you capitalize on the OCIs you do have!
  2. I participated in the Vancouver 2L summer recruit earlier this month and landed a summer position at a large national firm. My issue is that since the recruit, my motivation and attention span has decreased significantly. Although I intend to try my best, I have a feeling like my grades will decrease from a combination of burnout and taking a significant amount of time off for the recruit. My firm has not discussed anything about grade disclosure since I was hired. Is it standard practice for firms to ask students for their April grades? If so, how bad does it look if they decrease a bit? For context I had a 1L average of slightly over 76% and a 2L average of around 74% both from Allard.
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