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  1. sorry I wasn't able to calculate my L2 on olsas. but it should be around 3.65
  2. Early may, Uottawa and Western have not responded with an acceptance, waitlist or rejection. Does anyone know or have any idea when further responses might be coming out? Thank you for your response any input is appreciated. i applied access - 3.39/157/164 lsats - extremely wary about receiving an acceptance from either of these schools anyone else in a similar situation or have any insight? Thanks alot
  3. really appreciate the response congrats on your acceptance.
  4. applied access to Western and Uottawa havent heard back - was wondering if there are still acceptances coming out. Getting a little worried/anxious as im sure are a lot of others. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  5. Still waiting as well, 3.39 gpa 157/164 LSAT - applied access to uottawa, queens, western. Waitlisted at ryerson, anxiety kickin in super hard but hopefully an admission from one of those three.
  6. understandable thanks for the input
  7. I see, I really appreciate your comment, helps alot, thanks.
  8. Ive been waitlisted at Ryerson, assuming I wont receive an acceptance from them anytime soon even if i do hear from them. Ottawa, Queens and Western have not responded and was wondering if anyone knew the timeline for offers? Im hoping to receive atleast one acceptance from these schools, Is access category later in the cycle? is my application the reason i havent heard anything? any input or comments on similar situations Id appreciate. Thanks
  9. I accepted the waitlist offer in case a spot opened up sometime soon, however still waiting on Queens, Western, and OttawaU (all access category). Does anyone know what position this puts me? im unaware of the implications of a waitlist at this school? also, when other offers might be coming out? thank you so much.
  10. If you do email them i would appreciate if you could let me know. I will also email and see if that something that is required. thanks
  11. I have not received any requests from Western or Queens with regards to supporting documentation for Access applications. Whereas Uottawa has requested it. I am not sure if i need to submit it on my own or wait and see if they request? or if the personal statement and access sections of the application would suffice. Queens and western both have part C - idk if thats enough tho.
  12. With regards to Queens, and Western. I was not asked to provide supporting documents for access category besides outlining my circumstances in my personal statement. Is this proper procedure? I only ask because UOttawa required an extra document via SAM. Basically outlining my circumstances - there were no official documents like doctors notes or anything, primarily because it discussed barriers. IF anyone knows more about this id very much appreciate it. Thanks alot
  13. Thanks, I hope so. Just been a couple months, has me a little anxious but hopefully some good news soon for those who are in the same position. Appreciate the response still. thanks
  14. yaa Im starting to this access students are being evaluated later, hopefully we hear sum back this upcoming month. appreciate the response tho. thanks
  15. Ya, I have been seeing rejections and acceptances both better and worse than my stats so I havent been able to rationalize the process being used for acceptances. Its had me worried a bit, especially with a lower cgpa. Queens and Western are my favorite schools and they havent responded either. I guess its just a waiting game. Thanks alot for the responses guys, much appreciated, and congrats on your acceptances.
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