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  1. hi! Sorry, did you just get this from queen's? Does that mean nothing will be sent out for the month of April?? That seems so crazy to me...
  2. Hey guys, I applied to Western, Queen's and UOttawa. How much do you think these schools truly care about your personal statement? Just re-reading mine again and not confident at all. Any advice helps, thanks!
  3. Thanks! I was thinking there may have been one more this week before April 1 somehow haha.
  4. Hi fellow law applicants! Just found this forum. Did anyone write the Feb 2021 LSAT and have it as their only score on file? Trying to figure out when I could possibly hear back if I am fortunate enough. If anyone from 2020 sees this, and you wrote in February, could you comment when you heard back? Thanks everyone!
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