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  1. Waitlisted - It's an emotional rollercoaster! Filled out B - mature student with a legitimate disability. LSAT 164 I think I've confused myself about my cGPA; OLSAS says 3.1, my official transcript says 3.39, but I have an earlier transcript from when i dropped out many years ago. L2/B2: 3.8 (4.0 scale) Congrats and best wishes to everyone xo Oh - added to cue early Feb
  2. My status was updated this afternoon. I'm officially on the Waitlist baby! 🤓 GPA 3.39 LSAT 161 (Sept 2019) and 164 (Oct 2021)
  3. Sorry to hear that. Did you apply general category?
  4. I applied Special/Access. My stats updated last week on the platform (B+, 164) but status still hasn't changed!! Still says "complete, ready for review." 😩
  5. I applied Access, still "pending."
  6. When it changes to “pending,” they also give you a grade? Is that their take on your GPA? Or of your overall application? AHHHH
  7. Just want to be more accurate: The rejection letter is dated March 15 My cgpa is 2.77 according to OLSAS B20 4.00/4.33 LSAT 164 In addition to medical claim made in PS, I'm a mature student with little-no EC, but a lot of work experience (my PS talked about multiple jobs during school) I guess they either did not care for my 'bipolar' grades, regardless of extenuating circumstances, or I bombed the interview.
  8. Referred to admissions committee either today or yesterday (March 16 or 17th).
  9. Rejected today (March 17) - saw it in my RAMSS communication messages. cgpa 2.7 LSAT 164 Applied with proof of medical disability to explain spotty academic performance.
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