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  1. You never heard back from Ottawa? Not even a waitlist? 😮
  2. I'm still waiting on two as well! I'm getting nervous, the school i preliminary accepted has a deposit due in june. Once I pay back it wont matter what the others say. Weird choice on the behalf of the schools to drag it out this long.
  3. I think it's not over until it's over and you've been rejected. There's more spots that will free up going into may probably until the June 1 payment and maybe July 1 permanent deadline. For example, I've preliminary accepted Queens, but if I hear back from Ottawa I'd likely go there. So that Queens spot will possibly free up eventually too, and others may be in the same boat. Don't lose hope!
  4. Hi Guys! Campus tours have been closed all year due to COVID and I haven't visited a single campus for a school I applied to. There's virtual tours, but a lot of them are really lacking Would some current students, or people who went to Ottawa, Western or Queens (or other schools) for undergrad tell me a bit about campus? Favourite places, worst traits, what's the gym like (most curious about this and if membership is included in law school tuition), is there a lot of study spaces, how is the library, is it easy to get around etc. Thanks so much!
  5. I've got nothing either. It seems odd that they haven't even made a waitlist yet!
  6. Just got accepted! CGPA= 3.5 (per OLSAS) B2/L2= 3.9 LSAT= 165 (January 2021, first write was canceled in October so this is the only one on file) EC= mediocre at school, but worked as a TA during my undergrad and in a law office. Strong reference letters, both academic from biochemistry and organic chemistry prof. Applied General. Very excited, this is my first acceptance. I was really hoping to get into Ottawa and I haven't heard back yet, but if I am not accepted there, I will probably accept queens Goodluck to everyone!!
  7. Still under evaluation since February! Good luck to everyone!
  8. Hey! I haven't been accepted to Ottawa (yet ?😢) but I live in Ottawa currently and came here from the GTA for my undergrad at Carleton. Some notes on renting in Ottawa: Average 1 bedroom is $1400 per month. You can totally find cheaper, but from what I've seen you get what you pay for. Private landlords will tend to be cheaper, but it opens up the issues that they might not follow the legal lease requirements (and if you complain you probably just wont get the property) or just be generally unprofessional (won't rent to students etc). I live in a building owned by FPM, a local property management company, and honestly it's night and day, they're really great! Byward Market and Vanier can be a little bit sketchy at certain times and places. I think this is probably just because its the bar/club area (well not vanier idk why it's like that) and it's right downtown, so if you don't care about that, no worries! If you plan on using the Otrain as your main way to school, know that it breaks down often enough that you should be comfortable using the back-up buses. (if you're from toronto, know that this isn't as bad as when the TTC/subway isn't running but still not great). In general, Ottawa transit sucks (sorry OC Transpo stans) and I would aim at limiting the number of bus changes and being as close to campus as feasible. (Okay, it sucks in the way that in peak times, they'll drive right past you, or buses will just not show up; whispers suggest they dont have enough drivers and theres rampant truancy issues within the drivers they have but they can't fire them because they already don't have enough drivers) Most Ottawa U students live in Sandy Hill. Personally, if I do get in, I like my area (Centretown) and probably wouldn't move! It's a really nice part of the city, I love my local businesses and it's walkability. Always check how many washers or dryers they have in a building. Don't assume that since theres 24 units they must have more than one washer (I'm looking at you that building I toured on Maclaren) Most student aimed rentals start in May, but it's a city with lots of rentals and since you're probably looking for a bachelor or one bedroom you can probably wait and see what's available starting in August (probably start looking June-July). Goodluck! Hope you love Ottawa!
  9. I don't know what they'll say, but there is a contact us page on Ottawa's website for common law recruitment and admissions. Looks like they have open access Zoom chats throughout the week. If you can speak directly to someone and explain your circumstances, perhaps they might be able to better help you understand what to do next.
  10. Hopefully! I also just want to see a brighter side to things in case it doesn't work out, and was just curious how others found a way to spend their gap year
  11. Hey guys! Maybe it's a bit early to think this, but since I haven't heard back from any schools yet I've been thinking about what I would do for the next year. What did anyone here do on their gap year? Travel vs volunteering vs which fields to try to work in. etc. Any recommendations that would improve my application? Thanks!
  12. omg im reading this thread... shouldn't have asked a bunch of aspiring lawyers to debate such an issue! Oops. Sorry!
  13. I'm really new to the page so idk if this has already been asked. Sometimes I see people posting about "low tier Canadian law schools" and I was wondering if this actually exists, what the "tiers" apparently are, and if there's any weight to that? Thanks anyone who knows
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