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  1. This is good to hear. Firms can only do so much but the small things add up. I think my colleagues, especially those in junior positions (and students too), want validation that this is an especially brutal year. Cutting things as opposed to offering more (even the little things you’re mentioning) really stings. Especially when we’re told this is a record year and the firm is doing extraordinarily well - why aren’t we benefitting from that at all? It doesn’t add up and makes us feel even less valued, isolated and resentful.
  2. Hey all. I saw this was somewhat touched on in another thread and would like to discuss it further. I am curious to hear what other peoples' firms/employers are doing for mental health amidst the pandemic. My firm is doing essentially nothing - besides the odd mental health seminar here or there (which are fluffy and do nothing). Nobody has even checked in to ask how we are doing while isolated at home. For context, I am a first-year associate at a large firm. I work at a firm that preaches about its family-like community, yet this has turned out to be nothing but smoke - this is the exact time where they could demonstrate that they genuinely care about their employees, but they've instead chosen to allow its associates (and I would assume students and staff) feel lonelier and less valued than ever. I'm wondering if this is the case across the board or if this is a particular weakness of my firm. While I know they can only do so much, we're supposedly having an incredibly profitable year yet they've cut all extra expenses such as meal comp, even though we continue to work late into the night, have meetings over lunch, and even virtual social events at night where we aren't provided with anything. These were cushier benefits to begin with, but wouldn't a firm want to do whatever they can to keep its people happy/healthy and feel valued in times like these, especially if they can afford it? We're all isolated, anxious about the pandemic, and have no boundary between work vs. home. I cannot help but feel that they could be putting some effort into making sure we're doing alright. Even just some acknowledgment that we may not be doing okay would be nice. Instead the expectation seems to be that we just carry on as normal. What's going on at your firm and what are your thoughts?
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