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  1. Does USASK law accept February Lsats?
  2. Rejected March 31st Lsat 160 cGPA Olsas: 2.7 B2: 3.0
  3. I applied to the general category, LOR's are decent, in addition I have 2 years of work experience in logistics. Strong personal statement (Social Justice focused), extracurricular are average. What do you guys think? [mod edit: OP is interested in Saskatchewan, Queen's, Windsor, and Lakehead. Separate thread for Saskatchewan here. -WJ]
  4. I know my GPA is low, and nor do I have any SASK connections. What are my odds looking like for the year 2021? Should I do another year of schooling to raise my GPA? I really don't want to but I will if I don't get in this year. Thanks in advance guys :)
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