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  1. I would imagine not but my reason would be because of this work opportunity I was offered. But, I guess that might not even be justifiable for deferring? I don't know what are actually justifiable reasons, they are kind of vague on their website. I heard about there being potentially a Plan A or Plan B scenario from a senate meeting, but would that apply to the faculty of law? With how covid is doing currently it seems a bit discouraging that things would in person, but I guess with vaccine rollouts things could change.
  2. Given all the uncertainty with the pandemic, I'm debating if I should defer my admission for Fall 2021. I'm wondering for those who have deferred their admission for a year, were you happy with your choice? Also what is the process like? I know to defer I send an email but how in-depth should my explanation be as to why I am deferring? Also can I defer past May 1st? Or does it have to be sent in by then. For anyone, who thought about deferring but ultimately didn't, could you share your reasons as to why you decided not to? Also a more random question but if U of T is online in the fall, I was wondering what kind of things would an online class be missing from the regular experience? I know more about the academic side of things, but what about the social aspect, such as the welcome week? Is the regular one a huge event (Is it like frosh haha)? Or are we really not missing out on much. I know this question may seem silly but I missed out on that experience in my undergrad and it's just one of those things that always makes me sad especially when I hear my friends reminisce about their frosh. My biggest reason for why I am considering deferring however is because of how much tuition costs which for me personally is hard to justify when I'm receiving it online in my apartment and I'm also paying for my education entirely though loans, so if I do defer I would work during that year, as I practically have zero savings coming out of undergrad. But, I'm also terrified to defer so I don't know
  3. Hi! Okay this might sound like a really odd question but could others share what their acceptance letters were like for the U of A? I recently got mine and it was literally three sentences and didn't really explain anything.
  4. Hi! I was wondering where there is more information about the dean's welcome?
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