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  1. Merci d'avoir créer le groupe!!:) &&Je pense que tu devrais peut-être créer une nouvelle discussion (avec le lien du groupe) pour rejoindre plus de personnes en Droit civil à Ottawa!!
  2. Will it be possible to put the link here plz?
  3. There is a group for the common law students but not for us (civil law)...
  4. Je ne sais pas pour udem mais je sais qu'après le certificat de droit à Ottawa, tu peux avoir 15 crédits de cours optionnels il me semble!!
  5. Heyy!! Je voulais savoir s'il y a un groupe existant pour les étudiants ayant été acceptés en Droit civil pour l'automne prochain?/ Heyy, I would like to know if there is a facebook group for the admitted students in Civil Law for the next semester?
  6. I received my acceptance letter yesterday so you all should not be too stressed about it!! uOttawa seems to take quite an amount of time !!
  7. Exactly!! You are waiting for the LLL too?
  8. Hey, I just received my acceptance letter!!! For my stats, I'm in first year at UOttawa and I just needed to keep an average of 78% to be admissible! My average : 90%! I'm sooooo happy!! Wishing all the people waiting the best luck!!
  9. yeaaah Congrats!!!!!!
  10. What are the provincials(my bad I know nothing about the admission ahahaha)? I'm still waiting too, but I guess we have a chance!!
  11. Yeah.. I've been under evaluation since February 17.... what about you?
  12. Hiii! They officially received all my documents on February 17 and I'm still waiting... is it normal?
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