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  1. UofC Admissions

    Submitting Your Application

    I am happy to say that all of the supporting documents that we have received so far have been entered as received! Hooray! This includes LSAT scores for applicants who are not writing the November or January LSAT, and transcripts that have been sent to us so far. Please note that we did not enter transcripts for institutions that an applicant is currently attending. Current students will need to wait until January before sending a transcript for their current institution. We will continue to enter transcripts on an ongoing basis as we receive them. Something to keep in mind: even when there are no postal service strikes, it is very normal for transcripts to take a while to arrive by mail. Additionally, all mail (even couriered items) is delivered to our main shipping and receiving department, who sorts and delivers mail across campus, so even though your package tracking may say that the envelope was delivered, that doesn't mean it has made it to us yet. As of the Fall 2019 admissions cycle, our supporting document deadline is now February 15. For those writing the November and January LSATs: we will get your LSAT reports in mid-December and mid-February, respectively. Please keep in mind that you will probably receive your scores several days before we have access to them, and it will take us a bit of time to download, print, file, and enter them as received. Again, we thank you for your patience! Have a great weekend everyone! Malina
  2. UofC Admissions

    Submitting Your Application

    The emails would have been sent already - "initiated" means the process has been initiated - so I recommend asking your referees to check their junk mail folders. Then, if they still can't find their email, you can send us an email to [email protected] to request the emails to be sent again. Please note that there may be a delay before you hear back from us, since we are now in a peak period. Now that our application deadline has passed, we are working as quickly as possible to add the transcripts we've received so far, as well as the LSAT scores for those who are not writing the November or January LSAT. We thank you all for your patience! -Malina
  3. UofC Admissions


    After the application deadline passes and we have the full list of applicants, we will be able to make files, pull LSAT scores, file the transcripts and LSAT scores, then finally be able to enter the transcripts and LSAT scores we have. We have a small team, and this is a lot of work, so it will likely take us until mid-November to get through everything, so we thank you for your patience in advance! I always post an update in the Submitting your Application thread when we're done that initial filing and document entry, so keep an eye out for it! Cheers! Malina
  4. UofC Admissions

    LSAT scores & Application question

    Just enter whatever your current latest planned test date is. If you change your mind later, please send an email to [email protected] to let us know. Cheers! Malina
  5. UofC Admissions

    Submitting Your Application

    Happy back to school! Our Fall 2018 admissions cycle has come to a close, and all of the remaining waitlisted applicants have been sent a final decision notification. If you don't think you received an email with your decision notification, please contact us at [email protected] and we can resend it. And with that, we have officially turned the corner and are now in the Fall 2019 admissions cycle! Online applications are now open on our website. The application deadline is November 1st, and supporting documents due February 15th. See our website for the online application and more info. For anyone at a Canadian or US law school who is interested in attending UCalgary Law as a Letter of Permission student for Winter 2019: that online application has also opened! The winter LOP application deadline is October 1st, with supporting documents due October 15th. More info can be found on our Upper-Year Admissions page. -Malina
  6. UofC Admissions

    L2 calculation

    Yes, they'll be used in the GPA if they fall within the last 20 half-courses. We recognize that students may need to take some junior courses in their upper-years to meet their degree requirements - we certainly won't penalize you for wanting to graduate. As for further insights: we have a whole FAQ page about GPA calculations! -Malina
  7. UofC Admissions


    Last I heard, SAFA is planning on sending the Differential Tuition Bursary notifications by early-August. -Malina
  8. UofC Admissions

    L2 Question - extra 5th year fall semester

    Forgive me for my bluntness, but I honestly cannot think of another way to answer your question: we're not in Ontario, so we do not use the Ontario Law School Application Service. We convert the GPAs of all applicants who apply to our JD program to our 4.0 scale, so that we assess all of our applicants using the same standards. If there are both percentages and letter grades on your transcript, we will use the letter grade; if there are only percentages, we will convert them as shown on the conversion chart in our GPA FAQs. Our GPA is based on the last 20 half courses of your undergrad work, up to December 31 of the year you submit your application. Cheers! Malina
  9. UofC Admissions

    L2 Question - extra 5th year fall semester

    We sure will, and taking more undergrad courses is exactly what we recommend if you need to raise your GPA to make your application more competitive. Just make sure that they are undergrad courses and are finished no later than December of the year you submit your application. Many people often have questions about how we calculate the GPA, so we now have an FAQs page on our new website just for GPA questions. I highly recommend checking it out! Cheers! -Malina
  10. UofC Admissions

    Submitting Your Application

    I apologize for the long post, but I have a lot of info to share. It has been up for a little while now, but I thought I'd officially let you all know that our website has finished going through a major update! Our main website is still law.ucalgary.ca, and admissions info can be found under the Future Students header. Links like IT and My UCalgary portal can be accessed by clicking on the red arrow button in the top-right corner of the site. For anyone planning on applying for our upcoming application cycles, I recommend checking out our How to Apply page, where you can find information about what to expect in the application process and application requirements. Here are a few updates for future application cycles: Starting with the Fall 2019 application cycle, the last LSAT we will consider is the January exam, following the application deadline; however, we recommend writing the LSAT no later than November, since we won't receive the January LSAT scores until late-February. Entrance awards will still be awarded by the end of March, so if you write the January LSAT, your application might not become complete until it is too late for entrance award consideration. Although LSAC no longer limits the number of times you can write the LSAT, we highly recommend writing it as few times as possible. Instead of having two separate admission categories (Ordinary and Re-Applicant), all applicants for first-year studies will now apply under the First-Year applicant category. Applicants who have previously applied in the previous 3 years can still have transcripts pulled forward form their previous application (unless more courses have been taken at that institution) and can still name either two new referees, or one new referee plus one referee who has previously provided a reference. Our supporting documents deadline for first-year admissions will now be February 15. TL;DR: See our shiny new website for updates and info. Have a great weekend! -Malina
  11. UofC Admissions

    Course Selection

    You can register in your assigned sections and courses once course registration opens on Monday. Since 1L sections are assigned and all classes are mandatory, you can register at a much more leisurely pace than upper-year students. Think of it as getting to know your way around the course registration system before 2L! -Malina
  12. UofC Admissions

    When do we pay tuition?

    I recommend checking out our New Students and Current Students pages - important dates are located right at the top. You can also download a PDF of all the important dates for the whole 2018-2019 academic year. Tuition and fee payments are made the same way as the admission deposit. I also included tuition payment info in the course registration package I sent out this morning. Cheers! -Malina
  13. UofC Admissions

    Submitting Your Application

    I am happy to announce that we have completed our assessments for Fall 2018, and as of yesterday, all applicants have been sent an email with either an offer, regrets, or waitlist notification - well in advance of our 'end of June' goal! Applicants who received an offer or regrets can also see the results reflected in in their Student Centre. Waitlisted applicants will still see the green circle. If you can't find your decision notification, send an email to [email protected] and we can resend it to you. We notified all applicants with an existing UCalgary email address of this back in November, but that was a while ago, so just in case: if you have an existing UCalgary email address, that's where your decision notification email was sent. To the waitlisted applicants: hang in there - your final decision notification may be sent as late as orientation week. Changes to our first-year class happen throughout the summer; however, there is no way to know when we can make offers to waitlisted applicants until such an opportunity presents itself. Please be assured that we will contact you the moment we know that a decision can be made on your application. Have a great summer everyone! -Malina
  14. UofC Admissions


    I am very sorry, but the awards application deadline was May 1. The entrance awards were awarded in March. Information about JD scholarships, bursaries, and awards can be found on the Faculty of Law website. A list of JD awards can be found here - just choose "law" as the faculty. If you have any further questions regarding awards or the awards application, I recommend contacting the Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) office, at [email protected] Malina
  15. UofC Admissions

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Yes, this is correct: just send an email to let us know. Cheers! Malina