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  1. We have finished entering all of the January LSATs that are available to us! The LSAT should no longer appear on your To Do List if we have access to your complete LSAT report. If the LSAT still appears on your To Do List and you believe your LSAT report should be complete, including writing sample, please send an email to [email protected] There are still a lot of people who haven't submitted their writing sample to LSAC. LSAC doesn't make your LSAT report available to us until you have a writing sample on-file. We require applicants to submit their writing sample by February 15. We will continue to check for new LSAT reports once a week for the next few weeks since the processing of writing samples can take a few weeks. Have a great long weekend! Malina
  2. UCalgary transcripts are automatically available to us, so there should not be a To Do List item. The only times I have seen a UCalgary transcript appear on an applicant's To Do List is when they selected "Alberta Postsecondary" as the institution name in the drop-down list then manually typed "University of Calgary" as extra info instead of selecting "University of Calgary" in the drop-down list when submitting their application. If a UCalgary transcript appears on your To Do List, please contact [email protected] so we can fix that. Cheers! Malina
  3. Applicants who indicate an interest in the JD/MPP or JD/MBA joint programs are assessed in the same way as any other JD applicant. We then connect with the School of Public Policy and the Haskayne School of Business in the summer to determine which applicants were admitted to both the JD program and the MPP/MBA to set up the joint program plans. Cheers! Malina
  4. The outcome of a previous application - whether you received an offer, waitlist, or regrets - is not taken into consideration when assessing a reapplication. We don't even tell assessors what the previous outcome was. Any comparisons made are with the actual content of the applications themselves. It is still very much still early days, so hang in there! We are working as hard as we can to get all of the applications assessed and decisions sent out by the end of June. Cheers! Malina
  5. There is no typical timeline in which applicants will receive a decision after their application becomes complete. Some people may hear from us very quickly, and others may hear from us later on in the cycle. We are working our way through everything as quickly as possible, and all applicants will receive an offer, regrets, or waitlist notification by the end of June. Hang in there everyone! Malina
  6. January LSAT LSAT reports are made available to schools a few days after scores have been released to test takers. We anticipate that we will begin receiving and entering results from the January test early next week. Approximately half of our applicants - that's about 800 of you if you're keeping score - indicated a plan to write the January LSAT, so it will take some time get all of these results entered. We thank you for your patience. The LSAT will be removed from your To Do List overnight after your LSAT results have been added. LSAT reports are not made available to us until they have a writing sample. Writing samples must be submitted to LSAC no later than February 15. Supporting Documents February 15 is also our supporting document deadline, so get those unofficial transcripts uploaded too, if you haven't already. Please check you To Do List every so often after the supporting document deadline too, as we will add your unofficial transcript back onto your To Do List if it is not usable for our assessment. Cheers! Malina
  7. It is time for my final update of the year! The UCalgary Law Admissions virtual office will be closing a little earlier than the campus holiday closure: we will be closed from Monday, December 21 to Friday, January 1, inclusive. We will respond to any emails sent to [email protected] after our return. It’s been a tough year, so give yourselves a reprieve from checking your applications for a few weeks…they’ll still be there in the New Year! Do things you enjoy: read that book you’ve been meaning to get to, play some games, try out a new cookie recipe, build a snowman in your front yard, and get in touch with your friends and family – even if just by text, phone, or Zoom – and let them know just how much you love and appreciate them. I wish you all the happiest and safest of holidays! (Even if they aren't quite what we're used to!) ❄️⛄ Cheers! Malina
  8. The wording in the Application Status updates overnight after the last item comes off your To Do List. This is correct about UCalgary transcripts: they do not appear on To Do Lists because we already have access to them. Malina
  9. A lot of applications are always submitted on the last day, so we never quite know where we stand until we pass the application deadline. Similar to other law schools around Canada and the US, the number of applications has increased compared to the past few years: we received about 1600 applications for Fall 2021. We know this might sound a bit scary at first glance, but we recognize that knowing is better than uncertainty, especially since there are many rumours and guesses floating around. There is no need to panic! We want you to know that this is not at all unprecedented. It is quite close to the number of applications we received for Fall 2013, for example, where we had 1564 applications. We also have about 20 more seats available now than we did back in 2013, so we are able to make more offers than we could back then. We also want you to know that we have always been committed to completing all of our assessments and sending all offers, regrets, and waitlist notifications by the end of June. We met that goal 7 years ago, and we met that goal last year, despite the disruption of suddenly switching to working from home in the middle of the application cycle and having to figure out how to do things in a completely new way. We are working very hard to meet that goal this year too! Malina
  10. We finished entering all of the LSAT reports that were available to us for those whose last test date was November last week. The LSAT comes off your To Do List overnight, after we've entered it into our system. There were several reports that weren't available to us because they had no writing sample. We will continue to check once a week to see if new reports have become available, except for when we are closed for the holiday break, which is December 23, 2020 to January 1, 2021, inclusive. There was also one person whose LSAC account has expired, so we can't access their report. I tried to email that person to let them know they will need to call LSAC to have their account reactivated; however, I received an undeliverable notification and they have no alternate email on file. If you think that person may be you, please check your LSAT To Do List item because I have added a note explaining the situation. (No note on your LSAT To Do List item means that person is not you.) Please also update your email address through your Student Centre so we have a way to communicate with you during the course of the application cycle. For those who indicated a January test date: the LSAT will remain on your To Do List until after the January test reports are released to us in February. This applies to both first-time test takers and people who are rewriting. Cheers! Malina
  11. Please have patience! It takes a long time to enter your scores and upload your LSAT reports one-by-one to each of your records. We're still going to be entering some of them next week. If you reported a January 2021 test date, we will wait until February to request your LSAT report. Have a great weekend! Malina
  12. Today is the day: our Fall 2021 application closes at 11:59 p.m. MST! It's time to get those final touches done and application submitted! Please do not wait until the last few minutes to click submit on your application! Give yourself a large buffer! Every year, we come in the next morning to find several emails that were sent just after midnight from people who swear they clicked submit right at 11:58 or 11:59. Just like when you shop online, the application fee payment is processed after you click submit. Also, the time on your computer may be slightly different from the time on our servers, or maybe you lose your WiFi connection at the worst possible moment. Those of you in BC: please also remember that we are an hour ahead of you. Cheers! Malina
  13. Thank you lawlawlaw99662: you saved me some typing! I am just going to add a clarification that we do not have a civil law program. We do, however, have a Common Law in French certificate, in partnership with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, which is completed during 2L and 3L. Our goal in offering this certificate is to increase access to justice for French-speaking clients in Alberta, and across Canada, who are commonly underserved in the legal system due to language barriers. Cheers! Malina
  14. While a strength in one area of the application may help overcome a relative weakness in another, we do recommend that applicants be aware of our typical average statistics. The average GPA tends to be around 3.63-3.66 on a 4.0 scale, based on your last 20 undergrad half-courses. Statistics can be found on our Five Year Comparison Chart. If you apply and are not admitted, you do have the option to reapply in a future application cycle. There is no stigma attached to being a reapplicant, though we do want to see that reapplicants have put some effort into making their new application more competitive. There are always students who were reapplicants in our first-year class. Upgrading to raise your GPA is always considered a positive thing in our assessment. Many people have lower grades in their earlier academic work, for a variety of reasons, which is why we base our GPA calculation on your last 20 half-courses. To raise your GPA, you can take more undergraduate courses through either another bachelor’s degree program or open studies. Courses must be completed no later than December 31 of the year you submit your application to be considered. Please note that continuing education, diploma, certificate, and graduate courses cannot be used in the GPA calculation. Cheers! Malina
  15. We will only count them (with no grade value) as part of the last 20 half-courses if they are in Winter 2020, even if they would normally be graded as CR/Pass, since we can't necessarily tell whether they are CR/Pass because of the pandemic on all transcripts. Courses with CR/Pass in all other terms will be skipped over when we count out your last 20 half-courses, as normal. Malina
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