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  1. We want to see applicants use their own judgement and decide for themselves what to share in their application. That's going to be different for every applicant. The following is from the instructions in the awards section of the application. As you can see, we leave it pretty open so you can include any awards or honours you would like share, academic or non-academic. (Again, up to a maximum of 10, because we have to draw the line somewhere.) Cheers! Malina
  2. We'll be making that decision next summer, after we've completed all of our assessments and review how this cycle went. Cheers! Malina
  3. We will not assess an application until it is complete. That includes future LSAT rewrites, up to and including the upcoming January test. It's okay if you decide to rewrite after submitting your application, but it is your responsibility to let us know of the new test date right away by sending an email to [email protected] so we do not assess your application until your final LSAT report is available. Cheers! Malina
  4. Please do not feel you need to fill out all 10 available spaces for either the employment of extra-curricular sections of the application! That's just the maximum because we have to draw the line somewhere, or some applications would be very long. Just use as many of the available spaces as you need. Unless you are trying to highlight that you have been engaged with a specific organization/activity for a very long time and continue to be actively involved with it, we do not consider high school activities to be relevant to a law school application. Cheers! Malina
  5. There is no specific weighting to any of the aspects of the application, so our assessment is unchanged in that we'll be considering the whole application. There just won't be any references. Cheers! Malina
  6. Due to challenges caused by the pandemic, we we will not be using references for any first-year applicants. Please do not send any references. They cannot be added to your application. Cheers! Malina
  7. Reapplicants are required to provide a new Statement of Interest. Malina
  8. I know you already contacted me, but just in case anyone else encountered the same issue last night: I have received confirmation from IT that a small system update was done last night, which temporarily affected the application status section of the Student Centre. If you check your Student Centre again today, it should appear as normal. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused! Malina
  9. It's the last 20 half-courses. The 4 credit courses will each be counted as a half-course. Malina
  10. I recommend going straight to the source and asking the Bookstore your stock and shipping questions. The Society of Law Students (SLS) will let you know more info about clubs and how to join when that time comes! A list of clubs can be found on the SLS website. Malina
  11. The changes are as of the Fall 2021 application cycle. We updated our website as soon as we had the final go-ahead, and I posted the news here as soon as the new info was live on our website. (My last post really was hot off the presses! ) We were very fortunate that the supporting document deadline for the Fall 2020 application cycle was two weeks before we started working remotely in March. The Fall 2021 cycle will be a whole different ballgame. We will not be using references for any first-year applicants, which includes Indigenous applicants. It was a difficult decision, and not made lightly; however, it ultimately became clear that it was the best thing we could do in support of our applicants with so many unknowns in the coming year, including when we will return to the office. To help lessen the burden on your referees, please ensure that you let them know not to send a reference to UCalgary, especially if you have already spoken with them. They are the ones who will likely be frustrated by learning they spent time on a reference that can't be used after sending it to us. If anything, I am willing to bet that you'll discover your referees will be somewhat relieved to find out that they have one less reference form to fill out, since they probably have more on their plate than normal this year. Cheers! Malina
  12. We will count all of the courses in the Winter 2020 semester to identify the last 20 half-courses, but grades of D+ (or equivalent) and below, and credit/no credit from that term will not be used in the GPA. This means you may have fewer than 20 grades (half-courses) actually used in the GPA calculation, depending on your individual circumstances for that term.
  13. Hot off the presses! We have added some updates to our COVID-19 Q&A page. Our COVID-19 GPA policy for Winter 2020 is: In response to the wide-spread variation in grading policy at academic institutions in response to COVID-19 in the Winter 2020 semester, we will discount any Credit/No Credit or grades of D+ or under in the GPA calculation based on an applicant’s last 20 half courses. This means the GPA calculation may be based on between 15 and 20 half courses depending on the individual applicant’s Winter 2020 transcript. This change is intended to be as fair as possible to students who did receive grades to be able to use them towards their GPA calculation and those students who did not receive grades either by choice or institutional policy. We also added the following update for international applicants who must provide proof of English Language Proficiency: We are aware that COVID-19 is currently impacting access to English tests such as TOEFL or IELTS, so we will also be accepting the Duolingo English Test for the Fall 2021 application cycle. A score of 115 is needed to meet our English Language Proficiency requirement. We have also changed some supporting document requirements in response to challenges caused by COVID-19, to ensure that assessment timelines are not negatively impacted: References will no longer be used for first-year applications, but will continue to be used for upper-year applications. We will now be using unofficial transcripts for our assessments, and only admitted/waitlisted applicants will be required to provide official transcripts. This applies to both first-year and upper-year applicants. Full details on the updated transcript requirements, as well as Unofficial Transcript FAQs and Official Transcript FAQs can be found on our How to Apply page. Have a great night! Malina
  14. We're working on it! As soon as we have the details ironed out, we'll update our COVID-19 Q&As. -Malina
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