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  1. Thank you for sharing -- this looks fantastic!
  2. Hi. I am only a senior Canadian undergraduate student, but I am interested in going to law school eventually. I am curious to know if anyone has been able to land a legal internship or another kind of internship with the United Nations? If so, what was the experience like, the hours, and how challenging was it? Did it help open doors for law firms or other legal kind of work?
  3. Hi. Nice, I imagine the part-time course load is definitely doable. Do you find your internship to be a lot of work with the hours? I know that articling students work full time, but not sure if more than 40 hours per week. The thing with be a lawyer is that I beleive most work 40 hours a week (smaller firms), but the larger ones at least 50 hours a week if not more, which I wonder, might be difficult to manage with my learning disability, as it seems like a fast-paced career with never ending homework to take home. Do you think you will be able to manage working full time, if not 50 + hours per week as a lawyer? I know it's slightly different from being a part time student, but the work load as a lawyer can be juggling as well. Though, I know that some lawyers delve into policy, UN work, and other legal advice careers without actually practicing but providing research.
  4. Hi there, thank you for the reply. Oh dear, seeking accommodations should not be considered or viewed as degrading at all - especially with documents. Apologies to hear that -- all schools should be accommodating especially for a fast paced course load. Yes, mental health issues is definitely understandable as well when it comes to accommodations. Yes, Queen's seems to really encourage people with disabilities (learning, physical, neuro, etc) to apply and they allow part-time because of this factor as well as looking at other accomplishments, if the person only studied part-time in their undergrad, which is why I kind of want to apply there as my first choice. At least your clinic and ECS were understandable. Thanks again.
  5. Hi. I am a senior undergraduate student in Ontario, and I am hoping to apply to law school part-time at Queen's, Victoria, or possibly McGill if possible for part-time since I have a learning diability and hearing issues. Are there any part-time law students here with a learning disability (or other disabilities?). Has it been difficult or easy for you in law school? Is the course load still heavy to you as a part-time student? Do you find it difficult to seek legal internships or other law related ECs because you are part-time? Do you find it challenging or not as challenging as a part-time student compared to your undergraduate studies? Is your law school accommodating with your disabilities when it comes to exams or extensions? Looking for feedback since I do not know any lawyers or law students -- especially with a learning disability or other disabilties.
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