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  1. Accepted today at 2am! LSAT 164 CGPA - 76% L2/ B2- 79% Strong personal statement and decent ECs in my opinion. Weak Sask connection with some extended family there, but never have lived in the province. Waitlisted for a couple other schools so waiting to see what comes of that, but either way definitely considering Sask! Applied early January, application has been 'Complete' since end of January.
  2. Waitlisted in position 29. AGPA: 3.57 LSAT: 164 Index: 76.37
  3. Waitlisted today. CGPA - roughly 3.2 L2- 3.35 LSAT - 164 Decent ECs, and fairly strong personal statement in my opinion. Application completed early October, May 2020 LSAT and completed my undergrad in 2017.
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