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  1. Still waiting with a pretty decent Maritime connection without having been a resident myself.
  2. Have you heard back today? Still nothing on my end lol.
  3. No 🤔. Wondering if the lockdown has anything to do with this?
  4. I interviewed for the IB&M program and they told us we'd hear back by today. So, they could be doing a wave today? Not sure what it means for reg applicants.
  5. Waitlisted! 164 LSAT and 3.54 L2.
  6. I’ve gotten two emails now, one last night and one tonight, both at 5:58 PST telling me there’s been an update to my application. When I check the portal it says refused as the status.
  7. Rejected late last night LSAT 164 L2 3.6 cGPA 3.0
  8. Thanks! Just used it and it has me at a 3.54. Maybe I'm mistaken with my GPA on a 4.3 scale.
  9. Maybe I miscalculated 🤔. I have a 81% L2 but calculated my GPA based on each letter grade for the last 60 credits if that makes sense.
  10. Hey. 3.7 L2 on a 4.33 scale. UofA uses 4.0 which is why I’ve calculated 3.52 in this thread.
  11. Still waiting as well. L2: 3.7/4.3. LSAT: 164. I applied in October. My entire family is in (and comes from) Nova Scotia but my parents/siblings. Not sure if this makes me a "Maritimes connection" applicant but I included it in my PS in case that influences anything.
  12. Hi all, I submitted my application to UOttawa in October. Only my two LORs were to be sent. By the time I realized my one prof hadn't submitted the LOR, it was too late and past the deadline. However, I have a feeling my prof did end up submitting an LOR anyways (in January) , despite the deadline. I kind of lost hope in UOttawa because of this and haven't been checking my status. I realized today I haven't even received a rejection from them yet, making me look at my status, which still says "Under Evaluation" - it's been this way since November apparently. Does anyone have any insight or experience of this happening before? Are they being lenient with me and still considering me? I'm very confused.
  13. Waitlisted this afternoon. L2: 3.7 LSAT 164 Strong ECs and a decent/average PS.
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