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  1. I am a foreign trained lawyer. I did my master's and they helped me with the resume then, but I don't think that is upto the standard anymore.
  2. Hey guys ! I am on the lookout for a website or an experienced person, who can edit my resume and cover letter. I do not mind paying a bit but I need help to polish it quite well. It is currently okay, but I feel i might be losing out on opportunities because it lacks that extra oomph. Thanks !
  3. So, I have my Ontario Barrister exam on 6th of March. Due to some mental health issues and other reasons, I wasn't really able to prepare well for it. While I am well versed in the Civil Litigation and PR part, rest all I have only been able to do a reading (barely remember anything but the main headings). In fact, I still have half of Criminal and Family left. I have been hearing people studying for months and doing repeated exams. I have also heard about people barely studying and still passing. I was thinking of simply taking a try because I have heard the rumour that March sitting has a higher passing rate but it can be just that, a rumor. Should I just let the exam be ? (LSO said I can get a late deferral and still get some money back). Or I just give it a try ? Thanks.
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