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  1. Is it possible to answer questions and reference past clinical/firm experiences without breaching the duty of confidentiality? It seems to be divulging the clients' business and affairs. I have been omitting these stories/examples in order to avoid any breach, but I am wondering if there is any way to appropriately reference such experiences. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have similar concerns, but I am hoping my firm will extend a first-year associate offer so I do not find myself unemployed and searching. That said, should I even ask for a reference letter during my articling term? It will indicate that I intend on leaving and result in no first-year associate offer. I am also worried about firms I apply to calling my employer and notifying them that way. Also, how many months in advance are firms willing to hire for first-year associate positions?
  3. Any thoughts on putting stand-up comedy? Or should I go with something more conservative?
  4. i have pretty good grades and experiences yet struck out of the formal articling recruit. I am currently considering applying to less than ideal positions or waiting for the next formal recruit and trying again with better options. I would love to get your thoughts on: a) applying to articling positions that you already intend on lateraling from; or b) effectively putting my career on hold for one year without any guarantee of securing a better position. Also, how do associates typically seek lateral opportunities? I've seen some postings on Precedent A-List and the OBA job board. I've also heard of people working with legal recruitment agencies. Thanks in advance.
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