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  1. Yes. cGPA would be around a 2.7. Let this be a lesson kids, do not go through undergrad with undiagnosed ADHD.
  2. Wait listed as well. 166 LSAT 3.2 GPA Was not even expecting to get wait listed so I'll take it, especially given the nature of this cycle.
  3. I have similar stats to you and also had undiagnosed ADHD until a couple years ago (once I was diagnosed and got treatment, my LSAT jumped from a 156 to 166, funny how that works). I got into TRU and still have a couple applications outstanding. Definitely worth applying next fall, but I don't think retaking the LSAT is worth it. In the Osgoode school forum, there is a thread where a former admissions committee member answers questions. Its worth a read on its own, but also mentions how they consider factors like ADHD or other extenuating circumstances when evaluating applications. Being able to point to a 168 after you were diagnosed with ADHD I think would go a ways to supporting your application.
  4. I would imagine that its because USask considers winter term grades.
  5. Median for USask is a 78-79% and 158, so you have an above average GPA and an average LSAT, which bodes well. If you want to up your chances, obviously you can rewrite the LSAT which will also help if you apply more broadly.
  6. Possibly yeah, come July when they redo the waitlist to only include Manitoba residents (whatever their definition of that is) you would presumably move up a significant amount. I am not entirely sure if that means you need to be in-province in July, or have graduated from HS and can be elsewhere, nor do we know how many people end up on the revised waitlist.
  7. My email indicated that in July only Manitoba residents are offered seats, so presumably if you are not a Manitoba resident come July and you have not been offered a seat you are not getting in.
  8. Its going to largely depend on what your target score is and what you are weak in based off the diagnostic (as Electricity mentioned LG is the most learnable section). If you are targeting a 170+, I'd say a one month prep is not enough. If you are looking for mid 160s, then yeah one month will likely be enough. I would recommend 7sage, and with one month of prep you'll need to make some strategic decisions, ie, drill LG until you are 0/-1 and pick several of the weak LR questions to improve on, do a couple practice RC but largely accept your score is your score there.
  9. I am going to add to this that tuition for NYLS $54k per year, and New York is not exactly known for its low cost of living. The general consensus is to not go to the US for law school if you want to practice in Canada, save for a T3, or Harvard/Yale/Stanford. NYLS is ranked 117. I think many would advise against taking on $200k+ of student debt to graduate from a TTTT law school from a foreign country, regardless of the networking opportunities you might have in Canada.
  10. Not sure if there would be an explicit preference, but from what others have said about schools admissions process, for you to get in without a degree you generally need to have exceptional stats - like 3.9 GPA and a 170+ LSAT.
  11. I haven't seen anything about submitting another transcript with my winter grades. My application had all the boxes checked off and I have accepted the seat. I'm surprised they did not count your grades, they counted mine as far as I know, although it could be different for me as I am doing a subsequent baccalaureate (which I am now withdrawing from since I got accepted) from the same school I got my first degree from.
  12. My understanding is that they only count your grades from Fall. I am in a similar position, as I graduated several years ago but went back because Covid/wanted to boost my GPA. They counted my fall, and my transcript would have shown my enrolment for Winter term but I was assigned a letter grade and accepted so I would imagine it would not affect your acceptance. The only reason I havent withdrawn is I have an application outstanding at USask and they consider winter grades, but also I got accepted like 3 weeks from finals so I might as well finish.
  13. My honest suggestion would be the rewrite the LSAT. A higher LSAT score will never hurt you, and people are seeing an improvement on the Flex alone. This cycle is insanely competitive obviously, but I would anticipate next cycle also being fairly competitive, albeit not to the same extent.
  14. Would not surprise me if they are now waiting for winter grades to come in before the next round of offers.
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