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  1. Where did you hear about the 180K? A Scotia rep told me its only 160K.
  2. Just wondering if any articling students or current lawyers could help me out. Is there a site that shares the salaries of articling students or first year associates for each firm? Something similar to glassdoor, but for lawyers. Just wanted to see salary offerings for Toronto firms and the differences in pay between large/medium/small sized firms in Toronto.
  3. Is this for the dual or single?
  4. What are placement rates for TRU students from Ontario that land Ontario jobs? Some more background on me... My main goal is to stay in Ontario and possibly work in USA after graduation. I know Detroit isn’t a top tier school but it would still allow me to write the bar in a state like Florida where I could see myself going later in the future as I have some family there, but only after I am more established and with more experience as a lawyer. After some further planning, cost is not an issue and I would probably need a smaller LOC of what I had originally estimated (40k ish). Thank you for sharing your valuable insights. I feel my goal would be to work on Bay St but I am not completely locked in on it and would be fine working in a small or medium sized Toronto firm. I’m OK with the costs, and after some further consideration and forecasting I think I can afford it. Does the firm you work at have Dual JD students in it?
  5. Was wondering if any Windsor Duals can chime in on Bay St placements for Dual students in particular.
  6. Accepted today CGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.9 156 LSAT 🥳
  7. Hey single or dual? and did you get an email today?
  8. Hello everyone. I was accepted to the Windsor Dual JD Program and can't stop reading all of the negative comments about the program. I have saved up a fair share of money that would require me to take out a LOC of only around $80-$100k by the completion of the program and can see myself being able to pay it back through intern/articling/associate salaries. Can any current Dual JD students chime in on this major STIGMA that is associated with the program on this forum. Is this program as bad as it sounds? I see a lot of students who have landed articling positions and nice externships as well as internships from some quick Googling. THANKS
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