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  1. Oh! This is a really great idea, I hadn't thought of that! Thank you! This makes good sense. Thank you!
  2. @legallybrunette3 Haha! Brilliant. Thank you! I honestly haven't taken a diagnostic yet because I know as soon as I do I'll get completely sucked into LSAT land and not focus on my current courses/GPA at all. I'm trying to compartmentalize a bit so I don't totally sacrifice one for the other. @golfguy Awesome, thank you! That's reassuring.
  3. I'm planning on taking no courses during the fall term to exclusively study for the LSAT in November, and possibly re-write again in January 2022. I work full time and I have to submit my days off request now. I'm trying to figure out what the best strategy is. Do I take a week of right before the test for lots of extra revision? Or do I spread out days evenly throughout? Or take a week off in the middle? I have about 7 working days to use. I'm planning on doing mostly self-study and getting a private tutor. Are most tutors available in the evenings and weekends? Or should I plan to be available during the work day?
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