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  1. I am beyond happy to report back that a local lawyer who identified me from a recognizable reference in my username and a 1L coffee chat has offered me an articling position as soon as he connected those dots (jokingly conditional that I provide credit to this forum). This forum truly is amazing and if anyone else is struggling with their own job search or difficult circumstances, let me emphasis that this is not a community to hesitate to reach out to. Thank you all so very much for your advice, your empathy, and your willingness to help (both on here and in private message)!
  2. Something like this. I know the world of law is small and I don’t want my reputation to be premised on my tragedy. I can - and hopefully will - excel as a lawyer and want my eventual success to stand on its own. I know we don’t choose our circumstances, but I try hard not to be defined by mine. This thread has helped me to realize that acknowledging them and being defined by them are actually very different things, even if law school wasn’t conducive to that line of reasoning. Thank you sincerely to every one for their words of encouragement and helpful advice.
  3. Thank you for this. My experience in law school was that my personal tragedy made me suddenly someone to write off and I had projected that mindset onto potential employers in not addressing it. Your perspective is empowering in knowing how hard I worked that I can be proud of it.
  4. Thank you very much for your advice. I feel less disheartened on the Articling search knowing a few tweaks may help me land an interview or two. Apologies for taking up more of your time, but where would I be best to put such a sentence? In the first paragraph outlining my background and interest or towards the end, alongside my academic achievements and extracurriculars? Mostly small- or mid- size general firms (general practice having small business, Wills, real estate, etc) and even a few solo practitioners if the posting was up.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I had avoided mentioning it as there seems to be an alternative opinion that an explanation is just an excuse. The last ‘first impression’ that I would want to make is that my loss defines me as a potential employee. Any advice on how to address that my course load really was not tailored to a specific practice area? [I have lurked on this forum long enough to know the importance of a “demonstrated interest”, but remain bewildered as to how a law student truly understands practice enough to develop one.] Does having the skills from an MBA provide a potential selling feature to solo/small/medium firms?
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for advice beyond the ‘do what you feel best represents you’ that career services provided me. I am about to graduate from a combined MBA/JD program this spring and have not yet secured articles. I do have a banking job to turn to, but general consensus seems to be not articling or working in law will close the door on my being a lawyer. I believe my failure to find articling is because I lost my husband in the first year of school, literally weeks before 1L exams. I went ahead with exams after the news (both because I’d put a year of hardwork in and I honestly could not afford to pay the tuition again) but scored awfully, resulting in 3 Cs and a C-. Rather than take the next year off, I enrolled in a combined program and stuck to the business classes the next 3 semesters. After a term of Bs, I scored straight As the rest of the business program. Back in law, I scored mostly B+s and A-s. However, due to the nature of the combined program, I only took a 10 law options and they are fairly random (anything that was applicable to my life (ie. tax, legislation, family, policing, etc). I am have not yet addressed this in any cover letters and have not received a response from 40+ applications at this point. I have had my resume and cover letter reviewed many times in both law and business. My original interest was in criminal law but I didn’t anticipate I would be the only provider for my family as I started my legal career (hours/client securing concerns) [edit to add: I am late 30s with 4yo and 6yo & a background in running a local shop]. I think this is a big part of my desire to apply to general firms, but I have little to say to convey my interest as I do not know a lot about most areas of law (took so few courses) or what day to day practice looks like in those areas. I have not addressed my loss in my cover letter or spoken to my poor grades, as I assumed I could speak to them in an interview - but I have not yet received one. I am unsure if those marks really are insurmountable and I should accept that and look to other options and would like to hear any thoughts on this or advice on what to try next. Harsh realities and inspiring anecdotes welcome.
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