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  1. Yeah that's why I also included the "and others in my situation" since they have no hidden agenda against art students but this policy does directly effect Emily Carr students who are art students. I definitely appreciate knowing that this has effected you too, it was the main goal of my post to make sure I wasn't being crazy and that was an issue. Of course, I don't intend to fight it any more as many people have supplied reasons against it. I also don't have the time to commit to the amount of research and meetings I would have to hold let alone likely ruining my application chances. Thank you for your response!
  2. I do appreciate knowing, it's validating but also discouraging to know it's a very deep seeded issue. My parents, both criminal lawyers, definitely pushed me to try and ask questions of higher admin and I felt very nervous to do so. I am glad to stop my emailing, even sending the 2 emails to John (back and forth indicated some heated battle) was very stressful for me. It helps to see particularly your response because at least I have some reason not to feel responsible to fighting for my grades, it is a war that has been attempted and I'd likely need way more student advocacy experience and maybe even employment in an education role in order to make any kind of change. Thank you!
  3. I really appreciate your response! I said back and forth with admissions meaning 4 emails of really just questions between John and me, my latest was a more in depth apology when he made it clear he had no intention or availability to make changes and switched the conversation to asking for advice about how to compensate for the difference in grades. I understand the cautioning of how advocacy might affect my chances, I likely wasn't going to pitch a campaign or anything if this forum validated my concerns but to ask questions of relevant parties and ask for further reasoning. Your points on how difficult it would be makes sense, I do think there is a solution but you make me realize I likely don't have the experience in student advocacy to achieve that change. I wasn't sure if my issue was even an issue hence posting it in this group to see if I was alone in my perception. I'm glad you responded so eloquently, I hope one day institutions (at least in Canada) can make cross application more equitable.
  4. Hello all! I've been going back and forth with admissions about what I believe to be an unequitable conversion system. I would like to know if this has effected anyone else from other institutions before I go higher up the chain of command, at this point I don't think I'll get in despite my 168 LSAT but don't want other Emily Carr students to be taken by surprise by this system. I also realized quickly that John would not have the power or reason to make changes to a policy, I did apologize after. Here's the context: I have a BFA from Emily Carr. There are only letter grades on my transcript with a CGPA of 3.69. My university is a different system than UBC, 5% higher per every letter grade (can be found here). My GPA to % is an 85% according to Emily Carr and a chart on my actual transcript. I received four 75% grades my entire undergrad out of 30 classes. I confirmed my GPA with UBC, and in April they finally told me I had a 79%. I followed up by asking how that was possible and was responded to by saying that they do a straight translation regardless of institution which strikes me as the same as comparing the imperial system to the metric system and doesn't ring as fair. Essentially, they slapped my 3.69 on their grading scale without doing any adjustments for my school's scale. John's initial response (important excerpt besides "Hi Robyn, thank you for your interest"): We use the same conversion scale used by the UBC Registrar's Office. On that scale, a 4.0 is an 86%, a 3.7 is an 80%, a 3.0 is a 73%, and a 2.0 is a 60%. A general "Percentage/GPA Equivalency Table" can be found here. This is part of my email back: "I am interested to know how that effects students from other institutions. As a student of a university that operates on a 4.33 scale that has a 5% higher letter grade translation than UBC that would automatically put me at a disadvantage compared to UBC students despite doing just as well. Why was the straight translation method chosen over a conversion that would truly translate the grades between applicants? Emily Carr is essentially the imperial system and UBC is the metric and they are being compared as if 5ft is the same as 5m. With this method you are systematically filtering out art students and others in my similar situation. "To determine your GPA, take the percentage given at UBC and apply it to that school’s admission policy’s grading scale." This is the advice given on the UBC GPA explanation for students applying to other schools which indicates a percentage first to GPA conversion. In comparison, I don't have the ability to send you a percentage and am directly disadvantaged from Allard's policy. UBC would then be one of the only schools that can achieve an honest GPA conversion to other universities, honouring a students efforts and thus benefiting its own students over the applicants from other institutions to UBC. I cannot understand how that could be a fair and equitable way of comparing student success from different backgrounds." Please let me know if anyone else has encountered this? I did ask if my grades were weighted in which he didn't address. It seems this system makes 0 sense and benefits students who have % on their transcript vs the antiquated GPA system. Thank you!
  5. No notice of being waitlisted but I understand why. They totally messed up my GPA. I have an 89.90 and they recorded a 79.90. Usually I would be lenient due to the fact I did have some lower marks of Bs but the fact it's the exact same just one number off... Ruined my day. I've emailed them back but who knows when they'll return my email.
  6. Feeling pretty anxious. 89% GPA and 168 LSAT score (they still haven't confirmed my GPA but my university gives a table of conversion so I'm hoping that's accurate). I thought my PS was pretty good and made up for my BFA. Lots of volunteering, film directing and advocacy work. Was really excited to study under some amazing female law professors, fingers crossed.
  7. Very strange, I got 159 on my November one and 168 (50% time accommodation for anxiety disorder) in January but was told to wait a couple weeks when I emailed a few days ago - maybe retakes aren't a priority, your first one determines your place on the pile, or they noticed my accommodations. My uni (Emily Carr) has a different system than UBC so that could be a factor as well, having a BFA might be a red flag for them too.
  8. Emailed me back this morning saying "check back in a couple weeks" 😔. I got 168 on the LSAT and using my uni's system I would have gotten a converted 89. Not sure what's going on, definitely bringing down my optimism.
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