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  1. Accepter 22 Avril, 3.6-3.7 GPA
  2. Were you accepted yesterday or at an earlier date thanks
  3. Hey, I was under evaluation and had check marks on the documents they had received and no check marks on the documents they had not received. That’s now changed to all check marks. My guess is if you have check marks in all the sections you should be good. Good luck!
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to know if any of you have gotten accepted without all transcripts being submitted. I went on an exchange semester and they still haven't sent it out to OUAC. I am essentially wondering if they wait until they have all documents to evaluate you or if sometimes they look it over and accept you before that?
  5. Hey! I was wondering how you can see the OUAC calculation of your gpa ? Also does anyone have access to the Ottawa email after applying or do they just give you an email type thing to log into UZone?
  6. Bonjour! J’ai un 3.6 et je viens d’appliquer. Je suis tellement stresser!! J’espère être accepter. J’ai aussi déjà accès à UOZone.
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