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  1. Ohhh if ur STILL in school right. But if u graduated 2020, they take that semester into account (when COVID hit) right?
  2. Wait they don’t use our last semester when calculating GPA?????? jejsnwanwsnsnnas
  3. Does this mean if you haven’t gotten any news from uvic then you are likely rejected?..... my stats are 83% and 162.....
  4. I think the waiting game has taken off a few years off my life. And we’re not even in law school yet.
  5. Your stats are great!! I think you’ll be getting an offer soon or at least top 5 for waitlist.
  6. No word from uvic yet.. I’ve heard it’s just as hard (if not harder) to get into than UBC. (Not sure if this is true though) They emailed me on Feb 18 to question something on my application (administrative) but nothing since then. I am holding back from calling them for an update. thank you!! I got a 162 during nov flex , and was pushing for 166+ For Jan. I missed the deadline to register for the January lsat by 2 days. Makes all this kinda more sh**ty. If I had just improved by 3-4 points my index score would be auto admit. And I was scoring 167~ PTs.
  7. This was the email... does it mean I’m waitlisted or will be? I’ve calculated your GPA at 83.47%. I don’t think it’s likely that you’ll gain an offer this year, but we’ll keep you on a waitlist. I’m sorry the news couldn’t be better.
  8. He told me there were 500 more applicants this year than last year so I think it’s a different ball game. But he did say they will probably put me on a waitlist. I just don’t want to keep my hopes too high. I casually read and lsat book to bed last night. That’s how sh** I’m feeling. Lol
  9. Thanks!! I have a 83 and 162. Sadly only applied to uvic and UBC. Looks like I’ll be waiting another year
  10. I called them today too and they said they’ll have my GPA done by today. Does this mean theyll send it over to be evaluated after the GpA calculation is done?
  11. Taking this thread idea from the UofT discussion forums. is anybody else waiting to hear back? Share your stats and discuss... I’m curious to see who else is waiting. Has the GPA miscalculations thrown you off? How many seats do you think are left?
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