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  1. Yikes, good to know. I'll be using res as a last resort lol.
  2. I just signed up for North Tower res and it gave me the option to have a 'community preference' so i selected the mature students option. I am definitely worried about noise and partying in the building. Did you find it very loud? For my undergrad studies I always studied at home as I found I was able to focus best and being the most productive. Is this going to be problem? I don't seem to get much done when i am at the school library. I am still considering an off campus studio apartment if I can secure something before I have to pay for res.
  3. I wanted to add to this as I have similar concerns that have been echoed to me. Specifically, I gave notice to my employer about my acceptance into TRU law and was speaking privately with one of the lawyers I work for (I currently work as a paralegal at a mid-sized law firm downtown Vancouver, for sake of anonymity I won't name the firm). When I said I would be leaving my position to attend law school in the fall, I was told by her that no 'big law' firm would hire me, I would most likely be unable to secure a summer student position, and essentially my career as a whole would struggle. I was told 'your resume will go straight into the trash' at many 'big law' firms. Of course I found this extremely disheartening even though I didn't believe it to be accurate. But clearly the stigma must be out there as she is on the hiring committee at my current firm.
  4. In as of Thursday morning! will be accepting LSAT: 162 was assigned a B+ for my undergrad and an A- for my post bachelors diploma in paralegal studies. really good ECs and LORs. i wrote the jan 2021 LSAT for anyone wondering. my application was marked completed i think around a few weeks ago, but I had to resubmit my personal statement last week as it was cut off.
  5. thanks for the response! I guess I should say something. It's so weird because admissions even sent me an email last week asking me to resend my personal statement because apparently it was cut off, but they stated 'all other documents were received without error'.
  6. For people who have previously applied and uploaded reference letters, did you send in two new reference letters and are you old ones appearing on your account? I had previously applied a few years back and I guess they inadvertently used those with my fall 2021 application and so they said it was a glitch and to send in two new reference letters which I did. Now my application is marked 'decision pending' and it's showing my two references from my previous submission again plus only one of my newer reference letters. I am wondering why a) my old references are showing up again after they said it was a glitch in the system and removed them and b) why my other 2021 reference isn't showing up (my reference did confirmed he submitted his letter on February 9th). I guess there's nothing I can do now as my status is 'decision pending', I just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience? Kind of frustrating because my other 2021 reference was from the manager of the organization I volunteer with which was a large portion of what I wrote about in my personal statement, and part of what I would attribute to making my application more competitive from the previous year I applied when I was rejected, so I felt it was kind of essential to my application as a whole.
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