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  1. Congrats! Welcome to the Osgoode community. 😀
  2. From what I've heard from my profs at Schulich (MBA), Schulich has told them that the plan is to teach online for the upcoming school year. I suspect that Osgoode will likely do the same.
  3. Given that tomorrow (April 1st) is the deadline to accept many offers, I suspect there won't be much new movement until next week once a bunch of people (who may have multiple offers) either soft/hard accept to a school this week.
  4. It's probably already been said but... there's plenty of people with a high GPA/LSAT score who suck at law school (in terms of law school grades). Grades/LSAT aren't always the best indicator of someone's potential. Nobody is entitled to anything - ever.
  5. Given the added context, I think law school is still a valuable path for you. The skills and education and network that come with law school are invaluable to many areas adjacent to law. Even if you go into policy or politics after law school instead of practicing law, you can contribute meaningfully. Not everything is a grind yourself to death race... but in legal practice, the culture and nature of the work (and client expectations) often is.
  6. I referred to the judges as "Justice [last name]" during my interview with the TCC*. That is what I was told was respectful etiquette.
  7. Thanks! I got the call very late in the day on Friday. I suspect most calls will be going out next week. I think yesterday was the last day of interviews. So don't give up hope yet! I attend law school in the Toronto area, if that helps! I understand that they try to hire one person from each law school across the country. That said, that doesn't end up being the case every year and sometimes some schools get 2 people selected.
  8. I received a call from the TCC this evening with an offer for 2022-2023 clerkship. I will be accepting. Best of luck to everyone, and I hope to see some of you in 2022!
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