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  1. Non, j'ai utiliser les lettres en Anglais aussi et j'ai ete admis.
  2. Admis aujourd'hui. Cgpa sur OLSAS de 3.57. La lettre est datee le 8 Avril.
  3. I'll take that as a no. In terms of size and amenities, they are fairly similar. However, the biggest differences tend to be in terms of mentality and overall lifestyle. Calgary is a regional hub for a lot of things: air travel, corporate offices, culture to a certain extent (Stampede, for ex.). Edmonton has a lot of the same amenities, but doesn't quite get the same type of recognition, nor pull the same weight at the national level. These may seem like small things, but they add up over time, and there is just more of a link to the rest of Canada, and at the international level overall. I'm not even trying to really talk down on Edmonton, I think it gets a poorer reputation than it deserves, but, if I had to summarize it in one short sentence, I would just say it's a little more gloomy overall. Some people like it more though, so to each their own. Also, it doesn't seem that significant but Edmonton is actually quite far north compared to the rest of the country, it definitely adds up.
  4. Still waiting. 3.57 OLSAS GPA, ~3.7+ L2/B2. 157 LSAT. Definitely starting to get a little worried, as I've only received one reply, which happened to be a rejection from Ryerson. I'm a little bit of a wild-card, as the combination of grades/lsat is likely average to slightly below average this year, but I'd say my EC's are fairly strong, including 1.5 years as a legal clerk/assistant (summer student, and 1 full year), and I filled out Part B due to a few very difficult life circumstances. Been in queue since February 25. Note, does anyone know if part B/considerations sections get looked at at a different time then General? This last part is applicable to the U of C, Ottawa, and Osgoode.
  5. I think you'd just have to bite the bullet on this one. I'm pretty sure the deposit is to mitigate the amount of people who do precisely that lol. It sucks on the individual level but is kinda required from the school's point of view to get stuff moving.
  6. If you just write down those experiences and explain why you've gone the path you have you should have no issue getting in at most places, not just the U of C. Like I said previously, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with nepotism, it doesn't mean you weren't worthy, it just raises and eyebrow slightly, which is 100% okay. Enjoy your year off travelling/doing whatever, I'm sure you'll get into a law school somewhere. In your case, the U of C would have no reason to deny you purely because of age, other experiences have more then made up for that.
  7. Take this with a grain of salt, as I haven't been admitted yet and am only speculating here. From a stats point of view, you are likely good (or at least extremely competitive). I'm pretty sure the faculty doesn't consider the February LSAT for the current admission cycle though (unless you wrote in Jan and received your score in Feb), but I may be wrong about this. Aside from that, the rest of your application seems to be a bit of a wild-card. It seems you have good/great experience in the field, but that may be discounted a bit because you started so young and likely benefited from a bit of nepotism. There's nothing wrong with this, as a lot of us have benefited from nepotism, myself included, that's just the way life works. That being said, it probably does raise a few eyebrows (not good, not bad). You also say you completed your undergrad in 2 years. This is incredibly impressive if true, but it does beg the question, why?? From what I can tell, the U of C's admissions is holistic because they want candidates that have solid life experience and will be ready to practice right out of law school. If you've spent all your time studying/working only you've probably missed out on some other life experiences that are less related to career considerations. I know it seems weird but these are extremely important for careers such as medicine and law, where you will be in charge of helping people with some of the most difficult circumstances they have/will encounter. The U of C tends to take students that are a little bit older, and actually encourages students to spend some time after undergrad to work. I was less sympathetic to this when I was younger, but I now appreciate its value much more. The person I was at 19 and the person I am right now at 22-23 are incredibly different people, and I assume it's the same for most people. There's some things that only time can teach you. This isn't to discourage you, I honestly think you have a decent chance at getting in. You're also much more likely to know whether your life circumstances have matured you enough to make up for your age, and your PS will likely have enumerated some of those aspects. You have to consider the fact that if you get in at 20, you'll be in law school/articling until 23-24 ish, and then will likely be working like a dog for a few years after that. I mean this sincerely, don't discount the value of being relatively free for the first years of your 20's, these are times you will never get back. Once more, from stats/EC wise, I think you have a good chance. If this is what you want, I wish you the best of luck, and please notify me once you find out, because I'm genuinely interested. If not don't stress about it in the slightest, you're young enough where I actually think an extra year or two would really help your intellectual, personal, and professional development.
  8. Je suis toujours en evaluation. La Mme m'avait dit qu'il y aurait un delai avant qu'une decision finale soit prise, mais c'etait tres cordiale. Je pense qu'ils veulent regarder a une majorite (ou au moins une grande partie) des demande avant d'envoyer des decisions finale. C'etait plus tot une petite conversation qu'une entrevue si vous comprenez.
  9. Ils n'ont rien precise dans le courriel sauf qu'ils voulaient me parler.
  10. Non, j'en ai fait une il y a quelque jours. Pour moi, c'etait pour clarifier quelque petites choses au niveau de mon francais parce que je n'ai pas fait mon bac en francais.
  11. I had heard about being allowed to take English courses, but I didn't know there were such things as bilingual courses, do you know anything more about these bilingual courses?
  12. Saw the notification on RAMSS, letter was dated March 11. OLSAS cGPA 3.57, B/L2 ~3.7+ (changed slightly depending on how it was calculated) LSAT 157. I thought I had pretty good ec's, I've worked in a law firm for a while, and was pretty involved with Model UN type stuff while at school. Can't say I thought I was a lock, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little surprised I didn't get waitlisted at least. Oh well, c'est la vie.
  13. I don't mean this to sound condescending, but you're gonna need to give them more than 2 weeks before you start to worry. They probably received one final flood of applications on or around that date (mine included), and just haven't managed to get to them yet. I'm assuming people who are accepted almost immediately are a) much fewer than you expect; b) probably also much higher stats wise and get statistically placed into the highest priority group. I can't personally speak to your chances, but with those stats I would assume you have a fairly strong chance of being accepted at some point (I hope so at least, because I have similar stats). I wouldn't worry about not hearing back yet though, I feel that is fairly normal for how late our applications were submitted.
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