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  1. Thanks all! I chose the Victoria firm. Very happy with it 🙂.
  2. Thanks. I'd enjoy both but I like the idea of BC to start.
  3. Hi all, I have a dilemma. I have offers from two firms (super grateful!). One firm is solo prac in Toronto, offering $50k/annum for 10 month contract (no benefits, no LSO fees). The other firm is in Victoria BC, small-size, and is offering $44k/annum for 12 month contract (benefits, PLTC and licensing fees covered). The Victoria firm has given me until this Friday morning to decide (they've made it clear this is a very strict deadline). I informed the Solo Prac about this deadline; I told them it is a strict deadline, and asked if they're able to discuss contract terms either today or tomorrow (ie. before Friday). The Solo prac says they are "absolutely unavailable" before next week Monday. This means my hands are tied with the solo prac. I can't negotiate compensation/ LSO fees or anything with them until next week. But the Victoria firm has given me this Friday as deadline. I feel like I'm being forced to make an uninformed decision. What to do? Edit: I should add Victoria firm has made it clear there's no hireback, which I don't mind. But solo prac has "slight possibility" of hireback.
  4. It's akin to legal aid but not legal aid. The stress would come from supervising law students while being responsible for my own files. Being that I did not go to LS in BC, I'd be really paranoid of getting a point of law wrong & being held responsible. Thanks, I'm glad to hear your experience.
  5. Hi everyone, Could I get your input on two things?: (1) Which articling position to choose, (2) how to navigate negotiation Context: My family lives in Victoria (BC), but I did my undergrad and law school in Toronto (so I'm very used to Toronto and having my independence). I received two job offers: one in Toronto, the other in Victoria. (1) Which articling position to choose: Toronto Offer: solo prac Mostly criminal, but dabbles in other areas offers experience beyond poverty law (which I prefer) Pay is 50k/annum; 10 month contract; no benefits; no LSO fees Pro: Independence; not poverty law Con: I will pay off student loans slower (will be living alone) Victoria offer Poverty law Files in varied fields (which I prefer) Pay is TBD (still waiting to receive terms); 12 month contract; PLTC covered; benefits included after 3 mos Pro: Will pay off student loans faster (will be living at home); files in varied fields Con: Lose independence; don't want to do poverty law as career; sounds stressful (2) how to navigate negotiation: The Toronto offer is only available to discuss terms next week, but the Victoria offer has given me until this Friday to decide. Should I email the solo prac & let them know I have another offer (and would thus like to discuss my contract ASAP)? I'd appreciate any input on either of these Qs. Thanks!
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