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  1. I am going to go against the consensus and say, don't show up in a suit but don't show up in sweatpants and a hoodie either. You never know who is going to show up through those law school doors on any given day and you want your professors to know that you take this program seriously. As an anecdote, I was getting out of a bathroom stall one day at school and a former well known Canadian politician was washing her hands beside me. I would say anything you would wear to lunch with your grandparents is okay. But people do show up in casualwear for sure. Jeans and a nice shirt is acceptable.
  2. Not necessarily saturate but I think it's disruptive. If you're from Toronto applying to Vancouver or Ottawa for example, and your family/partner/interest remains in Toronto, you'll probably apply to the articling recruit or apply to jobs in Toronto to return to Toronto if things open back up- meanwhile someone from Ottawa or Vancouver applies to those markets for the articling recruit..... it just seems pointless to me... no one wins... BUT chaboywb said it best... the recruiters know what they're doing! EDIT: I should note, the people who are fortunate to secure summer employment and employers who secure top talent win... but I still think this year's OCI process has the capability to be particularly disruptive to future recruits
  3. Yes, this is happening to lots of people. I know one person who got an ITC at a business firm with only criminal courses and extracurriculars. I think it's important to be grateful for the firms that are interested in you.
  4. I'm feeling really discouraged in the recruit and I can't help but feel this year is more competitive than others. I have to be candid, I worry about the impact this year will have on future years. It seems as though many people are applying to many cities for OCI that they normally never would have in the hopes that it will be remote. I'm wondering how this will impact the articling recruit if everything goes in person and people decide they don't want to work in the city they summered in. (Of course, people are entitled to apply and work wherever they want). I'm also reflecting on how oversaturated the market is and it is only getting worse. Are other people concerned about the effect these last 2 years are going to have on our careers and the profession? Is this year more competitive than others or am I not talking to enough successful applicants? If it is competitive, could it be due to more applicants applying broadly or possibly due to the economy? I'm sorry if this post/ my concerns aren't reflective of anyone else's experience but my own, i'm just struggling to gauge the employment/recruitment situation.
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